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Mike Gleeson - Bumpin' - House [2002]


This is a chicago style mix I did back in 2002 and that had been available only on CD. But now that I've got the space and bandwidth I'm uploading this mix and some other mixes of mine for all you mp3 sluts out there.

I'll have a website finished shortly that will have access to all my old mixes and some guest djs mixes too, but for now, for those who'd like a whiff of nostalgia, and for those who haven't heard it before, here's the first in a line of Bumpin' mixes I've done over the years:


Bumpin' tracklist:

1. H.G. Wells – The War of the Worlds (The Eve of the War)
2. Brett Johnson – Night Out [Seasons]
3. Kokee “The Nose” Anu & Korin Ladke – Lies [Igloo Music]
4. Inland Knights – 17 Days(Inland Knights Original Mix) [Procreation Music]
5. Jay-J and Chris Lum – Hangin’ Out [Siesta Music]
6. Dj Rhythm – Tha Discotech [Camouflage Test]
7. C-Mos – Calling All Cars(Matthew Roberts Edit) [Junior]
* Kool & The Gang – Victory [Polygram Records Inc.]
8. Hakan Lidbo – All I Want(Original Version) [Paper Recordings]
9. Akufen – Quebec Night Club [Perlon]
* Kokee “The Nose” Anu & Korin Ladke – Ms. E Loves Jass [Igloo Music]
10. Rick Garcia – You Got Me Love Dancin’ [Riviera]
* Kokee “The Nose” Anu & Korin Ladke – Ms. E Loves Jass [Igloo Music]
11. Cricoo Castelli – Salsa Piccante [Moody Recordings]
12. Kenlou – Mack Daddy Shoot [MAW Recordings]
13. Wyndell Long – Klassic Klitt II [Paparazzi Recordings]
14. Playin’ 4 The City – Ask Me(Derrick Carter Remix) [Music 101 Recordings]
15. One Giant Leap – My Culture [White]
16. X-Press 2 – Lazy(Norman Cook Remix) [Skint Records]
17. Neon Heights feat. Zoe Johnston – Are We Thru?(Original Mix) [Glasgow Underground]
18. Iz & Diz – Mouth(Pepe’s Remix for Friends) [Classic]

* indicates track overlaid

Comments, criticisms, and general tomfoolery are all welcome.
Hope you enjoy!

Mike Gleeson

Cuesheet to come shortly(when i've figured out how to correctly do one... only 5 years in learning how!)

edit: here's the website for when it gets rollin': www.djmikegleeson.com
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Agent Smith

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Wicked! Glad to see this one come out again. Before I moved to Toronto in '04, I got addicted to the Bumpin' series of mixes and they definitely helped me grow my appreciation for both aggressive mixing and Chicago house music. It was even better getting to know the Professor and realize what a great guy he was.

Really looking forward to the CD release party on the July 1st weekend!!