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Mike Bryant's December Fukhouse Set - now available as MP3

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Mike Bryant is the main guy behind Intrinsic Designs (the techno label from NYC). He now helps run RhythmicNYC www.rhythmicnyc.com

He's part of that whole Alexi Delano/Kenneth Graham/David Hollands etc. etc./ crew of NYC techno jocks.

He's played in Toronto at the Phryl parties in the past. He's a great mixer and has fantastic taste in tunes.

-ian g.


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i know i hounded you enough about this already...but did you ever figure out what the name of that track was in the caulfield set?
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poker face

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I enjoyed Mike's set a lot. I always love hearing someone I know nothing about then they impress the hell out of me.
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Destro Sanchez

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this ones good.

(this is the 3rd best dj set of the evening)



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oh, this is the Mike Bryant who was in the first wave of
Indianapolis'rave scene. It was him, David Hollands, and
Mike Schroff.

I'm glad that his label is finally getting due props.

Proof there's more than corn in Indiana (well... not much

But if we can get the new crop of Indiana stars (Adam Jay,
The Freaky AfroNaut, K-Step, John Larner and Slater Hogan)
to actually STAY in Indiana, maybe Indy will start getting some
pride about itself in something other than the "on-for-now-but-
surely-off-next-season" Colts.

They should also bring Locutus. Another Indy native now living
in St Louis.

Destro Sanchez

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^funny you say that, mr freaky afronaught :)

adam jay is here this wiggity weekend.

(bout time from what I gather....the hard(er) techno heads have been dropping his name like crazy over the last year or so...)



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im the proud owner of every intrisinc design record (except Blacklight / spending time- wich disapered on me one day).
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