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Miguel Migs @ TIL

Big Cheese

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand coles notes go!

- the place was not busy at all (for TIL standards)

- the stupid bitch/meathead quota was way down, kept at a tollerable level

- also way down, the sound levels which made me happy as i didn't need to use earplugs

-the staff seemed to be having a bit of fun (i've never had any problems with their floor/drink staff btw) physical mannerisms indicated it was pretty loose around there but for what reason?? meh!

-miguel was spot on, the usual seamless mixings and choice cuts. threw in some 24th street sounds, self-evidently from his new album and dropped some older bombs when it thinned out around 3'ish which was a pleasent surprise and made me giv'er.

- lisa shaw = sex appeal x 400 (she's also got a set of pipes on her too)

the end
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Big Cheese

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hell yeah boy, the crowd had no clue though but safe still, i can't stress enough how happy i was walkin outta that joint with my ears not ringing.

no haters either :)


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Sweet night out. Wasnt too packed, lots of nice people.
That marky mark track is pretty good too. . . :)

Nice seein ya out Greg.