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Miguel Migs @ R&B


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So how was this party? I did'nt make it out on Sat nite, and I missed it. I'll have to go to the next one tho, R&B parties have the smoothest vibe...

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Ok. This is only my 2nd post, so be kind.

I had a great time @ embryus. The club is gourgeous, good sound system, and is quite clean. 3 floors (top one was closed), Big downstairs room, 2 smaller rooms upstairs (one very nice VIP room). Clean but small bathrooms, tonnes of couch space. Nice decorations( I guess, as I haven't been to the club before). It even has a big ass fireplace with couch's around it. Ok, so: Venue Excellent.

Since I have no idea what migs looks like, I can only guess that he was spinning downstairs somewhere between 1-4am. Now, I'm also not a big fan of deep house, but I couldn't stop dancing all night (excepting trips to the bar). I guess it was a little harder than I expected (I was thinking Andy Roberts type house), which was a pleasant surprise. The only complaint I have was that at about 3:50am, the dj went from a nice long buildup into some really cheesy vocal track (yuk!). Considering that's all I could possibly complain about, wikkid music.

Vibe: pretty tight. Lotsa friendly people, seemed to be a somewhat older, better dressed, drinking crowd (especially in the early going). Didn't see much scketchyness till we were leaving about 4:15am, but even then, not much. Oh, ya, the 2nd floor pretty much cleared out @4am too, but downstairs was still pumpin.

Overall impression: danced 4 outta 5 hours, nice and drunk (but not too drunk), lotsa friends, great music. Seems to be a rare combination these days (with the exception of Breathe). I'll definately be at the next one. Big Ups to RNB.



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comeon Matt, I don't bite all that hard!

Nice review. R&B partiers are all about the older crowd, much more chill, a lot more drinkers and some sweet ass house music.

If you thought that was a wikked party, then when the summer comes be on the lookout for R&B's outdoor parties. They are badass. I went to 2 of them last summer and they were both...unbelievable.

summer, oh summer, where are you?



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my rnb review:

sweet pump'in deep house
west magnetic played an amazing live set upstairs. i was very impressed. deep jazzy groovy soulfull house in true rnb fashion.
miguel migs had me dance'in for the rest of the night. we tried to leave about four different times only to have my feet start move'in once the baselines dropped again and again. only when the records stopped spinning could we finally pull ourselves away.
the crowd at rnb parties is always the key. many beautiful happy people enjoying good music in a chill atmosphere.
i saw pure
all night.
i haven't had that much fun in a while.
thanks to the whole rnb crew.



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i love RNB parties!!! unfortunately, due to some unexpected shit in my life, missed this party.

and yes fleaflo, the summer parties are amazing!!! house music under the stars!!
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Par- T

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Excellent party, but aren't they all? RNB always throws such nice stylin' events and this was no exception.
Arrived with no line up outside (nice since it was damn cold), upstairs to coat check instead of the main floor one, stuck in the line up snaking into the dancefloor - not the best set up, sucks for those trying to dance. Embryus is a nice club- lounges, fireplaces, friendly staff, but I wish they would invest in some damn air-conditioning, its too hot!

Stayed upstairs until after West Magnetic's prefomance, don't know who was on prior but they had the place jumping. Once he went on the crowd moved forward to watch funky house music created live, West Mg's set was excellent but I don't think it was quite as good as his New Year's performance for RNB. Anyway he had me dancing non-stop right beside the table where he was working - everyone's smiles urging him on. Very cool and different to see the music being created instead of being played on the decks.
I was even filmed while lost in the groove
, sometimes I have no luck avoiding cameras or video tape. A nice guy taping the party for his girlfriend who was doing a paper on people's dancing styles (don't know what comment she'll have about me ??!!).

Made my way downstairs for Miguel Migs where the dance floor was way too packed to even move. Eventually found some spots to let the music take control. Nice deep and jazzy house had me in a happy place - not as laid back as what I expected from a Naked Music DJ but funky anyway. Didn't realize how quickly the time passed until they put the lights on at 5:00am - everyone cheered for 1 more track, so Miguel nicely continued on for a couple more. RNB never disapoints, an always guaranteed good time!


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Miguel Migs was fuckin pumpin! I don't usually go to rnb parties just for one reason because the music is usually to soft for my enjoyment. But I had to make a exeption this time, Miguel keeped me dancing all night! Only complaints was the coat check being full all night and not enough bartenders!