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miguel migs @ Baccus Lounge London


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All I can say is...wow.. a night full of phat basslines, soulful vocals, and hot girls..yes, all of them, hot.

Definitley was worth getting off my lazy ass to check out, I actually danced, a LOT, and before I knew it, it was over.

That's alot of commas for one sentence..


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I too had a very enjoyable night:) Accompanied by my brother and his friend, we had a great night of socializing, atmosphere, and housey beats:)

I enjoyed the tunes immensly...now just getting home. time for bed now.

Great to see familiar faces, and yes chris did dance alot :D

Great night out:)




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Great night indeed. It was my first time seeing Migs and he delivered the goods. This night showed why he is one of the top deep house DJ. Just some beautiful deap soulful house, with Lisa Shaw doing live vocal behind the tracks...just fantastic. Danced all night right in front of the DJ booth, those who saw me can attest to this.


PS. Nice meeting some Tribers this night.

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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I went to Bacchus for some drinks with the people from my work early in the night, when they were setting everything up for the "Goldclub Series".

I wish I couldve gone, but I went to Hamilton instead.
no regrets however.


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That was great! Really nice to see Baccus use the space to it's best potential -- moving the DJ booth around to where they had it instead of it's normal spot in narrow-town really helped the vibe in the place. Miguel Migs did not disappoint -- I went to hear some sweet soulful house and that's exactly what he delivered. Although I completely didn't notice her, I'm told Ms. Shaw was throwing down vocals over a few tracks -- damn you VIP area for getting me drunk **shakes fist** (thanks for the hookup though Jaime:))

London needs more nights like that!! PLEASE!!!!

Twas great *finally* meeting a few Tribers who have escaped my all-seeing eye for too long :p
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Yes, that was fun. There was such a great vibe, lets do it again some time. Lisa Shaw was amazing, too bad I had to leave early.

;) Olga


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Ya I know I'm late doing this but...

It was a great night of soulful haus muzik! Miguel did very well...

Bacchus was rammed and cancer stick chicks were in full effect.

The party..including the after one.. was lots of fun. ;)