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Miguel Graca CD out April 23!!

Sugar D

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Canadian Producer Miguel Graca virtually defines the sound of Bombay Records , which Mixer calls "one of the hottest deep house labels around". His last album, Shining Stars was a fav among critics and fans alike. But while that album was a jazz-tinged excursion into a deep, lush, organic vibe, Monkey Mass (released in Canada Apr. 23) takes its inspiration from other sources. The city, the human jungle, the ceremony of connectivity. Deep House meets electro and serious nu-wave beats. This is the sound of future chill...

Miguel Graca: Monkey Mass Release Date: April 23 Bombay Records (distributed in Canada by KOCH)

Check out Miguel's Canadian tour schedule and see this legendary producer and deep house guru in action!

and oh yeah... BUY THE CD .. it rocks!!!!

Date: May 4th- kick-off
City: Toronto
Venue: Aria Nightclub

Date: May 16th
City: Calgary
Venue: Cherry Lounge

Date: May 18th
City: Winnepeg
Venue: Pyramid Cabaret

Date: May 19
City: Vancouver
Venue: Boat cruise & Element

Date: May 24
City: Ottawa
Venue: Surface Nightclub

Date: May 25
City: Montreal
Venue: Sona

Par- T

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A new CD and a tour from Miguel, the housey goodness doesn't stop - you know I'm goin' to be there!!

Only caught a short bit of one of his sets at last year's UP Festival, I need a full one and this looks like it.

Par- T

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Damn, shit, crap ....

Just realised it's the same day as Mark Farina :( what is with everyone doing events on the same evening?

ppfffttt ... co-ordination people !!, lets give it some thought !

decisions decisions


Sugar D

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...actually your decision just got a little easier...the T.O. gig at Aria is being re-scheduled for a later time... probably the end of May at a different venue.