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migs in montreal


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miguel migs played @ the jello bar in montreal last night! bruno brown, a local name, opened the night up really well with a two-hour set of deep house. he built it up just right for when migs came on - around 12.30.

jello is a martini bar on rue ontario e. compared to toronto clubs, it`s about the size of footwork, but with a much smaller dancefloor. it`s an intimate place - how great to see migs in what`s basically a bar. i met michael, the local promoter for this night, and he was pretty happy and proud to have made this booking.

after about an hour of groovy soulfulness from migs, aya got on the stage for the first of two of her sets. i only know her songs a little, and recognised `sweet love` which brought a lot of smiles and some more dancers to the floor. migs then kept it all going with more goodness - some of his own tracks, some chuck love remixes, littlemen, and tonnes of stuff that was new to me. YES miguel!! he wound it down a little after 3.00 with some super deep, thick, and beaty reggae.

totally worth it to be here for this show. it was pretty damn cool to see a great san francisco house dj at the top of his game.

btw, miguel said he would probably be in toronto in june.

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