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Midnight Madness - Mod Club

Discussion in 'Roll Calls' started by mariazmess, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

  2. ~atp~

    ~atp~ TRIBE Member

  3. Dr Funk MD

    Dr Funk MD TRIBE Promoter

    I may go. It sounds like quite a good night.
  4. Chubbs

    Chubbs TRIBE Member

    As long as I get paid this friday. Its ON.

    And if its ON, Saturday could be one hell of a rough day. Sunday even, if my body lets me punish it ;)
  5. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

    dude, calm down now - it's at Mod Club - which means 10pm to 3am.
    and then the bar will close. of course, you will be more than welcome to go elsewhere afterwards...

    which begs the question - where's *that* party going afterwards???
  6. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    all over this dirty bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bringing Kadina with me too! :D :D :D
  7. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

    only till 3am? boo, lame.

    But, I want to make it out to this, but also got other things I need to do that night.

    *ponder ponder*

    any idea of set times? mostly want to see The Dukes and Jake
  8. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    my partner in crime & I will be there 100% :)
  9. Chubbs

    Chubbs TRIBE Member

    Blah, I have to work saturday and sunday, so I need to take it easyish on Friday :D
  10. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

    wez gotta show these Mod Club freaks just how the cool kids party!

    i haven't been to Mod Club in far too long - keep meaning to go to their Return to New York nights, but i'm never around when they have one.
  11. ~atp~

    ~atp~ TRIBE Member

    well, that's it, I'm sold.
  12. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    Mario J

    I really would like to catch Mario J's set. Saw him at Harverst and loved it! Does anyone know what time is his set?

    Also, does he have sets online to download?
  13. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

  14. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

    Re: Mario J

    i LOVED Mario J's set at Harvest! he used to spin at Industry, apparently, but i was too young and clueless to know any DJs back then...

    tonight's the night bitches!
    who's up for it?!?!?!
  15. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

  16. DaftPunky

    DaftPunky TRIBE Member

  17. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

    i got a t-shirt that says, "Detroit Soul" when i was there this past weekend - time to take it out for a test run!!
  18. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    x 3 & 4
  19. kaniz

    kaniz TRIBE Member

  20. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    but i started the other thread so it will always be infinitely better.
  21. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

    of course it will be : pat pat :
    how 'bout YOUR thread can be about how great Jake Fairley is and THIS thread can be about how much fun we'll have listening to all the other DJs that'll be there tonight!

  22. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    very well.

    still infinitely better!
  23. mariazmess

    mariazmess TRIBE Member

    any news on a line-up yet?
    or will it be a technorgy?

    tout l'monde tout nu!!

    i guess i'll just show up right at 10pm like a keener...
  24. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter



  25. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    glad this is on still...looking good for tonight!

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