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Mid to Late 80's Hip Hop Recommendations

I'm trying to find some lesser known or overlooked mid to late 80's hip hop recommendations, as I've been jonesing for that classic Hip Hop sound in the vein of RUN DMC, Schooly D - the basic turntables and a microphone set up.

Back when it was dirty, fun and you could hear the dj working and scratching the tables as the MC was rocking the mic.

Any help?
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Not sure if this will be of any help, but I still like to bust out my old school vinyl.

Kurtis Blow
Fat Boys
Cold Crush Crew


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And few other go to's for me:

Doug E Fresh - the show and la di da di
Divine Styler - ain't saying nothing

And of course Grandmaster Flash and Lord Finese.


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Sorry for reviving this old thread, for this specific topic beyond suggestions, I would suggest checking out Reddit's 80shiphop sub - There's just a whole library of dated presses and you'll find some obscure stuff as well.
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