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Mid-Tempo Solstice Set.


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Did this up for 8-9:30pm set at Entheos Music Festival : Entheos Summer Solstice Festival and Conference, Nahatlatch Valley, Boston Bar, BC

81min // 26 tracks // 88 - 130bpm

Download : CLICK


circuit bent vs mr. bill vs tom cosm - incompusmentus
pretty lights - hot like sauce (rustified remix)
mr. Scruff - ugh
modcam - digital alchemy
liquid stranger - his fully automatic wheelbarow
eat static - pharoah
boreta - bublin in the cut
eat static lo-ride sloucher
gramatik - the drink is called rakija
break beat science - zion station (feat CX)
mix chopin - keep on
sibot - get clean
modselector - untitled
sibot - octive by octivev
breakbeatbuddha - bounty killa
georgios - time to go
caro emerald vs nas ft. pharrel - fly up (dubbers mash up)
kwaai - techtic
eprom - 64 bytes the dust
tipper - re:am ing the light fantastic
kraftwerk - it's more fun to compute
son of electric ghost - half cali
skeetaz - uneffable bride
skeetaz - gatorz (crystal distortion remix)
raymond scott - the organized mind

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