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microsoft's vision for room illumination

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Cool in concept but as with most tech it will come down to 2 factors:

1. Cost
2. Amount of support it recieves

And when it comes to "novel" things like this in the past, it will unfortunately likely fail based on the two points above.


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cost won't be much more than an add-on IMO

support even in video it says most games wont' require access to code

any other objections?


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I saw all of that, but the "non code" stuff was minimal/Meh Imo.

To make it truly cool was all of the well integrated with the game stuff. And as for cost, I haven't seen anything to suggest that it will be as cheap as a standard peripheral.

I think it's really neat, but unless it's packed in with the console so every dev has more reason to use it in cool ways, I think it will sadly fall by the wayside.
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This technology has the same problems as all 3d mapped project technology has.

First and foremost every living room is different - they are all full of different objects with different reflectance properties. In the video MS choose a living room full of almost all matte objects with roughly the same amount of reflectance (metal widgets on those boxes aside). Much akin to most 3d mapped performances being done on things covered in a material of uniform reflectance - this is how this technology performs the best.

Reflectance is the biggest enemy of this endeavour. Objects of high reflectance will be distracting or will reflect straight back into your eye.

Other detractors:

Noise - projectors are still noisy.
Mounting - put it on the coffee table with your beer or mount it to the ceiling, your choice.
Cost - the Kinect is only needed for calibration, so you may be able to just hold the Kinect camera near the projector lens for close calibration, so cost could be as low as just the project itself.

Mostly though I think if I wanted to play on a giant screen, I would just go buy a projector and play on a giant screen.