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Microsoft Surface Pro 3: boring and expensive


Staff member

So much fanfare for a boring and expensive product. Who really needs it?

$799 for the entry level model? Yikes.
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glych t.anomaly

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LOL i would take one in a second to upgrade from my Surface Pro 1st Gen.

its literally a full functioning Win8 64 bit experience on a tablet form, that easily doubles as a mini laptop, thats quite powerful.

i carry it with me everywhere in my bag which i wouldnt normally do with any other device, and i dont need a Ipad, or android offering.

and their sales increases from the 1st gen to 2nd and now the third are significant.

i run win 8 on my work laptop, and its a different experience having the touch screen.

better batter life, thinner, lighter and bigger screen are all bonuses.

sure the price range is a little larger than most other tablet/laptop replacements but imo it has more functionality than most offerings.

so KEEP IT UP MS, stick it to apple and android !

the more competition the more it breeds innovation and benefits the consumer.

*fist pumps *