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Mickey Finn


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Whoever likes jungle anthems, you missed out on a very good jam. First, Spinz ripped it up, then Prime yet again ripped it up, and finally Mickey Finn tore the roof off. I heard he had no mixing skills, but he was bang on, track selection was almost perfect. Medicine went on next, i was too busy in the stupid coat check lineup, sounded pretty good. First time i've been to the Zen lounge, pretty good place for a jam, but the coat check was so unorganized, I feel bad for whoever didn't get there coats, brutal. All in all, a very good night, and for you Mickey Finn haters, you missed a banging set, BOH.
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This party was great!! A revisit to the Jungle parties of the past. Got there right before Mickey Finn took the stage. Good job to the locals warming up the crowd because by the time Mickey Finn came on the crowd was definately feeling it, from the front of the stage right through the crowd to the folks at the bar. No line ups, no hassles, full on good vibes!

To those who who weren't there you definatley missed out. Old classics mixed with new beats.. Warhead.. when this song came on the crown went absolutely nuts.. vibes reminiscent of Mach 1 and Stevie Hyper (RIP) Too bad the guy beside me (who I kept elbowing, sorry) didn't have any fawking clue who Stevie Hyper is, I guess that's what happens with all ages parties. Good to see the support of fresh faces in the scene though.
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