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Mickey Finn at Realm (Vancouver, BC) - 26 January 2001


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It's very rare that big-name UK Junglist DJ's head out to BC to do parties - the scene isn't to big around here.

The organizers of this party knew of the potential of bringing in Mickey Finn to Vancouver. They also realized that there may be some problems securing a venue. The original venue was supposed to be the Plaza of Nations, but that plan fell through.

Enter Plan B.

They chose a place in the fabled Gastown district called 7 Alexander, located at - guess what - 7 Alexander. What was supposed to be an all ages became a 19+ show within hours. Not really a bad thing, but I'll explain later.

I arrived on the scene just for the Jungle and how people party in Vancouver. I already experienced a party in Duncan, on Vancouver Island (Inception, with Ill-Esha headlining the d'n'b portion), so I thought it would be nice to see the big-city people at play.

When I arrived at 7 Alexander, I was surprised that I wasn't allowed to smoke inside (an outside area was provided). That meant a) I had to do a bit of real chilling during my smoke break; and b) sonce I couldn't bring my drink outside along with my cigarette, I had to slam it back before lighting up outside. That sucked since I wound up a little bent out of shape towards the end of the night.

Opening up for the party was T-dot spinner Jawbone, who did a little scratch and spin set of ragga tunes. he was then relieved by a DJ spinning a mixture of house, breaks and techno. Mickey then took to the tables and spun a decent set, although a) the monitors sounded like they were about to blow on him; and b) it seemed that the dude was trying to save his strength for the Liquid Adrenaline show in Toronto the next night. The latter seemed more obvious, even though he managed to do his job quite well.

The party ended abruptly at 2:00 am. Sharp. It was a real bummer, since being from Toronto, I was used to bars going way past the witching hour with some modifications. My suggestion to the club - and any other Vancouver club that would like to hold a party - is to maybe create three areas: one to accomodate the drinkers, one for dancing and another for the boozers. 7 Alexander is a good-sized club for intimate get-togethers. Maybe it can do a lot better.

By the way - the no-smoking-in-bars bylaw sucks! So is the enforced 2:00 am closing time. So there you go.

Peace out.
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