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Michelle Rasky @ the Rivoli

Joker FX Cha

TRIBE Member
Well if you haven't heard the sounds of Michelle Rasky, you are missing out on one of most incredible voices ever.

I've heard Michelle singing solo several times and last night was a special treat to hear the whole band for the first time. It was amazing! Bassist, Ed Roman & drummer Ilios Steryannis gave a back up sound to Michelle’s voice and guitar for an awesome musical experience. The sounds from this group are so "right", well rehearsed, in tune, perfect. This was an 11 out of 10 performance.

Michelle has a voice that is so unique, so feel good. You can’t help but close your eyes and smile. She can’t be compared with any other singers. Her distinct sound is easily recognizable. Really, she is just an amazing singer. Not to mention, an incredible musician, talented writer, and entertaining performer.

Michelle Rasky will be having a release party for her new album, I’m thinking it’s around late spring early summer.

I highly recommend coming to see her perform.
www.michellerasky.com Site should be up soon.