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Michael Moore at U of T


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Well, OTIS can do that, I guess. I was too busy getting interviewed on tv. Hehe.

She asked me whether there was choice in Canada and I said something like, "pffft.. yeah, there is choice. The 'choice' of which products to buy."


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week reviews guys! how about tellin what the fuk went on there, as i was unable to make it :(

cheers, z0-


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Was it packed?? I wanted to go really badly, but was feeling like shit, so didn't want to bother to be in a room full of people.


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^^^Yeah, like it's sooooo easy reviewing 3 intense hours of the coolest person on the planet speaking... If you missed it, beat yourself up, and do a good job at that...

the 20 min. preview of un-edited footage of his newest documantary - which is fucking hilarious - would be easier to review, but instead, let's just wait and see how the whole thing looks.

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^^^definately I highlight was the preview of his new doc! Man the guys appeals to everyone there are 2 sides of truth, it was nice to hear the other side live for a change. What a speaker and intelligent but not flashy.... A normal guy that is concerned is how MM presents himself.

I thought it was funny when that grade A moron wouldn't sit down at the beginning, damn bible thumper extremists.... Although it was extremely hot it was well worth the 3 hours i spend inside... I stuck around for the question period at the end and really realized how stupid and shameless ppl actually are. ppl would come up to the mic pull a shameless plug and then waste his time with a weak question.

I wanted to know his opinion on the Isreal/Palestine conflict and how he feels about the US using it to deflect attention away from Osama Bin Laden and the fact he's still on the prowl.... I figured one of the Psuedo Environmental Hippy fundamentalist Extremists would have asked it or something similar, but they just kept babbling on about the G8 (which I felt they were just talking to be heard and really didn't know what the G8 was all about or maybe they thought it was a new SUV or something)

overall an excellent night, and a great lecture, I fell sorry for those of you that missed it, hopefully you'll catch his new doc @ the TFF.



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sum pix

some crowd shots:


Linup to get in.

SIngle file people! this aint a rally!

Say: Lefteeeeeeeeee

Mary (If i remember correctly), Chris, and Sunny.

"Guys, let me butt in line? I'll do anything!"

These two strangers ended up fondling each other in my car.

This dude wouldn't shut up.. nice water.


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A shot from our nosebleed sauna seats

Da man up close!


Well it was definateley an enlightening experience.. and Pete, I didn't stick around to get my book signed cuz the lineup wouldn't budge, but I ended up trading my old copy for one of the pre-signed one's at the tables.

Can't wait for Bowling for Columbine to come out..
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Michael Moore...

After seeing that little snippet from his new documentary...I am so hyped to see the entire thing.

And what was with that idiot in the balcony who was yelling for those left outside to sit on stage risers? Some people just have the right intentions but the wrong ideas.

I must say, though, that I was a little disappointed in the question period. Everybody went to the mics to toot their own horns, and that's just shit.

There was one thing that really irked me about the "lecture" and that's that there was only mention of racism towards blacks leaving out too many other minorities that I feel have also been abused by the white men of the world.

But then perhaps these issues are mentioned in Stupid White Men, which I, unfortunately, have yet to read.

In it's entirety a great lecture, I will definitely be there the next time Michael Moore comes to TO!
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Re: Re: Re: Re: sum pix

Originally posted by BigBadBaldy

You obviously have red x's for eyes, cuz I can see the pics fine.


Now shush! :p

nope still seeing red x's???

Subsonic Chronic

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wow... I didn't realise so many TBK were reprazentin'!
Of course... i was there with 5 or 6. hehehe... :)

I thought that it was pretty good. Most of what he talked about I've read on his mailing list or in the book already, but it was really nice to see him live. He comes across as such a "regular" guy in the way he talks and the way he presents himself, but he's rediculously funny when he wants to be. He also seems to be one of the most sincere "celebrities" out there. He has a reputation for sticking around until the last book is signed, and regularly addresses people who can't make it into his lectures so they at least have something to remember.

I found it uncomfortably hot though, way up on the third balcony, and after 3 hours it kinda gets to you. Also the question period was all about people pushing their own agendas who were so transparent about it (with the exception of Otis of course :)). I waited it out so I could get my book signed, only to realise that I'd be there another hour at least so I hopped on my bike home, unsigned book and al. :(

The film clip that he showed was absolutely priceless, I will definitely catch that when it comes out. The interview with the brother of the other Oklahoma City bomber, and the interviews with the Michigan kids regarding the Columbine massacre just shows how fucked up some people are in that country.

My favourite quote from the farmer:
"The pen is mightier than the sword, I just use the pen, but it's always good to keep a sword at your side"

Then he shows Michael the loaded pistol he keeps under his pillow. f.u.c.k.e.d. is all I have to say.

And the bank that gives him a free gun for opening an account? Houston, we really do have a problem.

elgsixnine (how do you pronounce that anyway? ;)), in his book he briefly describes why he singles out blacks. It's because the way he sees it, most other visible minoroties have been able to adequately integrate themselves into American culture. We don't see East Indian ghettos or neighbourhoods filled with only poor Europeans as much as we see the African American bias in the U.S.
One of the first things I noticed when I was in San Fransisco last year was that all the poor people I saw were black, and all the black people that I saw were poor. We don't get exposed to that in Canada on such an easily visible level, but it's there in the U.S. in every major city.

I'm definitely glad that I got to see Michael Moore live, hopefully he'll return again in the future. His lecture was quite inspirational, especially during the question period when he started talking about how it only takes one person to start something good, how the majority doesn't matter. Seeing so many people there who share his point of view is kind of uplifting considering how much bad shit is going on everywhere else. Just the fact that he and his book are doing so well is a sign of changing times and a growing consciousness among North America. :)

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Yes, it was well worth being there at 3:30... not that it's ever a trial to sit outside on a lovely day with a good book, and interesting people-watching.

And yes too, to the marked idiocy of those who asked questions--that one dyke, way to give lesbians a bad name! You could almost see MM thinking about how it might be just as easy to make a documentary about stupid lefties as stupid righties. Even those people with the Micheal Moore for PM signs--Please, I likehim too, but there's nothing wrong with the idea that ones elected leader shold be from your own country! On that note I say Naomi Klein for PM!

I don't think I've ever seen a trailer that made me as wet for a movie as Bowling for Columbine.

So now Iguess it's time to... what, actually do something? Stop shopping at the Gap? Vote every once in a while?

Out of interest--were any of the same people who attended this, at Jelo Biafra this winter?


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^^^ no I don't like any of the flavours Jello offers, I've always wanted to hear him speak but he comes off as a bit of a clown to me. MM is whitty and funny, where Jelo can be downright strange and disenfranchised @ times



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This talk was the shit!
Mike always gets me enraged but then makes me laugh so hard. Weird combo.
And the free tickets just proves the saying the best things in life are free. ;)




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Originally posted by Lysistrata
On that note I say Naomi Klein for PM!

I'll second that.

Wish I could have gone to this... but, two things I loathe: line-ups, and sitting in Con Hall... I had quite a few classes in there...
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