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Michael Jacokson in the news again...


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Let’s just say Michael Jackson probably won’t be named GQ magazine’s Man of the Year anytime soon.

The superstar is furious with the publication over its May issue, now on newsstands, which depicts a series of photos featuring a Jackson impersonator.

In the article "Where’s Michael?", writer Devin Friedman attempts to find the King of Pop in Bahrain, the Middle Eastern country where he currently resides.

Well, it appears they’ve found him, and he’s now demanding GQ pull the magazine from store shelves.

In one photo accompanying the article, a Jackson look-alike sits in a darkened movie theatre surrounded by children. In another, he’s standing in the desert draped in a black cloak and headscarf, with his trademark white glove showing.

"Mr. Jackson is furious that his image has been used in such a misleading way, and is demanding an apology from the editors of GQ, and its publisher, Conde Nast. Mr. Jackson is also demanding that the magazines be pulled from newsstands," the singer’s representative Raymone K. Bain said in a statement released Friday.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jim Nelson, responded Friday with his own statement.

"It is very clear that the pictures in the story ... are satirical, whether it's a picture of a Michael Jackson imitator sitting in a Bahraini cinema or an image of The Gloved One standing flamboyantly in the desert," he said.

"Mr. Jackson may feel that the person in the photographs is an 'impostor,' but he is merely an imitator."

Now 47, the singer moved to Bahrain in 2005, shortly after being acquitted of child molestation charges in California.
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