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MIC Perri live performance at the Rivoli


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last Thursday (June 15th) MIC Perri a.k.a. Flipside performed his new material for a packed house at the Rivoli. with a live band (featuring Saint Pete on keys, Mat Lunnen on bass, Marko Bongo on drums and Eddie on guitar) they played some songs from his new album entitled "Mind Control". his performance really was good and was almost ten years in the making. it's ncie to see acts like this perform with live bands. and if you don't know yet, Lunnen can slap that bass! boo-ya!

the two other acts (Latte D. Kyd and Dammien Alexander) who opened played well but around 11:30 the place was getting anxious and MIC went on to resounding cheers. there were some dj performances from Double C and Victor Veros (two SICK hip hop and electro-house producers) in-between the acts and the music they played ranged from old school hip hop to funk and some classic house.

there were some Tribers in attendance and from what I gathered everyone who was there seemed to enjoy themselves and the show. and people were drinking! man oh man... we spoke to the bartender after the performance and she mentioned that they made good cash considering it was a Thursday night. it truly was a night that was not to be missed.

look out for the album... it's a collection of electro-hop, some rock influences and definitely some of those old school hip hop vibes.

congrats brother.
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had a great time! Flipside put on a good show, the album sounds wicked. really enjoying it.
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great night- incredible talent all 'round.

i'll tell sideflip and luncheon to their face though. ha! ;) :cool: