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i'll be there from thursday to tuesday....staying at 13th & Collins.....i'm sure I'll run into you guys over the course of my stay.....


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March 7th
@ The mansion

Chemical Brothers (dj set)
Audio Bully's (soundsystem)
Miss Kittin (dj set)
+ special guests



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i apolgize for my over-zealous posting but the itinerary is so exciting, i just want to write it down.

friday - bedrock
saturday - brad and luke at ultra, delta heavy, yoshitoshi after
sunday - terry "tech house" poolside, idiots party, sander on the terrace
monday - luke and nick warren at opium garden, infusion, hernan and phil k somewhere else.
tuesday - zabiela and burridge
wednesday - proton party
thursday - survive
friday - recover
saturday - luke and diggers at kool haus.
sunday - wrestlemania

oh my heavens!


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well, since we're doing itineraries:

Thurs: Arrive, chill, beach, conserve strength
Fri Night: Bedrock (Digweed) @ Nerve
Sat Day: Ultra (Max, Bard + every other DJ on the planet)
Sat Night: Yoshitoshi @ Space
Sun Night: Sander & Tiesto @ Space (maybe)
Mon Night: Howells @ Bed
Tues Night: Fly home, sleep in fetal position for 3 days

plus numerous pool parties and impromptu events.....

of course this is subject to change on very little notice, as a result of whims of fancy or over/underconsumption and many other factors

Metal Morphosis

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i think i'm most excited about our hotel.

well... that and the beach.
oooohhh how i love the beach... especially South Beach, where even i can feel the Bling if even for a short period of time.
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