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Mhonocell release


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Hey everyone, well i'm back from B.C., (like anyone knew i was there in the first place!!!!)
anyway i have been searching all over the internet, shops in toronto, vancouver and victoria, emailing labels and distributors, and i still cannot find the:

Mhonocell: Amoeba ep: evil deception 09 release.

i have constantly checked GEMM, nuloop, groovetech, sonicgroove and a couple of other smaller online shops, but none have it.

does anyone know where i can obtain this record????

any help would be HUGELY appreciated

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The Truth

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mhoncell amoeba 12in evil deception $9.99
Note:More banging sounds from the those Deceptive, Evil Swede's. A1) Sounding like Adam Beyer 2001! Sick, percussive Techno with reverse synth whips & powerful subs. A2) Nice crunchy kicks and sizzling hi-hats light up the wax. B1) A massive wall of snd moves toward you and you flee. B2) A bit deeper, but still kicking---

your welcome...


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Mhonolink + Hardcell?

Oh god I should hope so!

Mhonolink is one of my favorite producers. He's always managed to make the best 'hollow' and 'organic' sounding techno.
Like a giant dead tree.
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Thats because I love the guy.
He goes about making his tracks in a rather unusual way.

He looks like that guy who goes 'daaayyymn' in that pop tart add whare its making that dope (hehe) little beat.


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i love his style (mhonolink) because its so driving and pulsing, but not banging or hard (some tracks may be at times though)
he blends minimal sounds with driving rhythyms
and hardcell kinda does the same, his older stuff anyhow, and i find his sounds to be much more tribal and organic, but lately his releases tend to be on the heavier, broken up beat techno style, which isnt my bag

but both of them together..........there incredible!!

thanks for the help 'truth'