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Mexican Food.



I love spicy foods, I know places in this city to get good indian food, chinese food, cajun food, italian but mexican food in this city I have tried has mostly been crap.
It sucks because I have tried good mexian food in montreal and Spain but every where I try seems to be very tame. You know when taco bell tastes better it kind of sucks.
Nobody seems to make it spicy and I really don't know why. What is the point of eating mexican if there is no kick to it.
On saturday I tried a place called dos amigos on bathurst street and I would have worked up more of a sweat eating a beef pattie.
I have tried numerous places and I always get disappointed, sometimes I have a craving for that food and I can't get it. Where can I go to get a decent meal?
Pest's eat too!
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