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Metro/CanWest attacks Garofalo/Air America


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This is what I saw at the back of todays Metro....

Janeane alienates some fans

Actress and talk-show host Janeane Garofalo has alienated some fans by devoting two segments on her Air America radio show Majority Report to a program based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Jeannette Walls' The Scoop reports. "I lost all respect for this show tonight," a listener posted on the show's website. "Why are they pumping up Scientology and junk science?"

F-U CanWest!!

What the article didn't mention is that she was promoting the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, which was developed by L. Ron Hubbard yes, but it has nothing to do with Scientology.

Basically, thousands of rescue workers at ground zero (WTC 9/11) have gotten sick, and instead of the government stepping in and treating these workers, they have refused to even acknowledge that they are sick. They have done 'research' and have said that more research is needed, but they haven't spent any money towards treating these policemen, fireman, paramedics, etc...

If they acknowledged that thousands of people have gotten sick then they might also have to acknowledge that the materials used in construction of the WTC Towers might not have been up to safety standards... which would lead to lawsuits and $$$.

But I'm off track... The project is completely funded by private money and it has nothing to do with scientology - Janeanne even made fun of scientology on the show.

I'm sure the article has nothing to do with the fact that The Metro is just a right wing rag or that Air America Radio is a left of center radio network.
But who cares if rescue workers, who have already risked their lives, are sick and dying when you have an opportunity to take a cheap shot at a left wing news source.

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Subsonic Chronic

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L Ron Hubbard or Izzy Asper... who's side to take?

Seriously though... how can you defend this program when the only site you provided is the official one? I might as well say that Can/West is a most reputable organization, and point to their corporate website as proof.

I also have a feeling, made stronger after checking the website briefly, that they mean "detoxification" in the hokey religious sense and not in the scientific, chemical sense.

judge wopner

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global/the post and all their underlings are the fox news of canada. they are more insiduious as FOX news unabashedly wears its opinions on its sleeves, while the post and global news try and portray themselves as legit and purport to show an impartial side of the news.

(said in thick persain accent)
believe me sir...big emergency..... watch CBC and BBC. believe me


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Bullshit. That's how Scientology creeps its way into regular society. It has -- literally -- hundreds of insidious and superficially legitimate programs out there that are designed specifically to drag people into certain programs that may appear legitimate, but are not. Hubbard's favourite tactic was to use "science" as a front. This is done all the time. If you go to that nydetox.org website, L Ron Hubbard does not take a back seat...he's ... fucking promoted:

Morons said:

Only one method for reducing body levels of toxic chemicals has been widely implemented, studied and demonstrated to be safe and effective: the detoxification program developed by L. Ron Hubbard.

The "research" behind this is entirely founded on a bunch of fiction. It's all bullshit. In fact, CanWest barely did it justice. They should have taken the opportunity to shit all over this scheme. You get linked (in various ways) to some legitimate science, mixed in with the "detox Academy" website (http://www.detoxacademy.org/). That website promotes the entire science as being founded by Hubbard's research, which is mind-blowingly hilarious and pathetic. You can even buy his book online! OMG!

It's disgusting how these vapid mind-whores take advantage of people in great distress or need.


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~atp~ said:
Bullshit....It's disgusting how these vapid mind-whores take advantage of people in great distress or need.

FUCK L. Ron Hubbard. FUCK Detoxification. FUCK Scientology.

and FUCK New York Rescure Workers and their sullied lungs!

omg wtf?

No wait, I didn't mean that last one.
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International Academy of Detoxification Specialists.

Sounds official, and innocuous! Where do I sign up?

Ps. L. Ron Hubbard was not a scientist, doctor, or nutritionist. He was a science fiction writer, and founder of one of the most pervasive cults of our day. Any 'program' to rid the body of 'burdens' developed by L. Ron should be considered suspect, especially since this kind of tactic is typical of Scientology’s recruitment methods. As for Canwest, well that’s a whole other story, but I don’t doubt for a second they carried the story to make lefty Garofolo seem like a flake.

PS. What ~atp said.

Ditto Much

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from the site:

Uhh, S'cuse me Sgt. photo-op, I know you're busy ridding your body of thetans and all, but do you mind checking out that building behind you?