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Meth drones are a thing


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Drone carrying three kilograms of meth crashes near U.S.-Mexico border

Business Insider | January 22, 2015 | Last Updated: Jan 22 11:41 AM ET
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Secretaria De Seguridad Pública Municipal De Tijuanan this image released by the Tijuana Municipal Police on Wednesday Jan. 21, 2015, a drone loaded with packages containing methamphetamine lies on the ground after it crashed into a supermarket parking lot in the city of Tijuana on Tuesday Jan. 20, 201

Tech giants Amazon and Google are both testing delivery drones — but so are drug smugglers.

A drone crashed into a supermarket parking lot near the Mexican border last night, and it was loaded with 3 kilos of crystal meth.

As reported by the Verge, the news first came via the Facebook page of a Tijuana police force. The drone crashed on Tuesday night near the Mexican border with California. Police suspect it “could not sustain” the weight it was carrying.

We already know that the cartels are making increasing use of drones to smuggle drugs across the border into America. A police spokesperson told the AP “it was not the first time they had seen drones used for smuggling drugs across the border.” They didn’t name any potential suspects in the case.

Drone carrying three kilograms of meth crashes near U.S.-Mexico border | National Post
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A co-worker brought in his newly purchased Drone. It cost over a grand.

It's pretty cool but also very creepy and invasive. I'm not too hyped about having a slew of these things hovering around.

I also read an article recently about interceptor drones that fly above other drones and drop a line into their rotors, causing them to plummet. You can see a lot of lawsuits over that.


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Genie is out of the bottle. America might rue how it didn't take its moment of monopoly on this tech to hammer out some rules that would help deal with rivals with drones.

But they're everywhere now. ISIS got drones yo

Sal De Ban

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i am thinking back to a 90s vice article (early 00s?) talking about some latin american cartel using remote control submarines to transport their products up the coast
I remember that article, and it was shortly after they went from tabloid to an actual magazine and then started to get more serious minded. That was around 00/01 I think,
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