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Message from Dylan Drazen


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From: "dylan drazen" <dylan@dylandrazen.com>
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Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 12:14 PM
Subject: Message from Dylan Drazen

This message is being posted by my associate Kumiko Yajima to the tribe.ca board, as new registrations have been suspended by the administrator. For authenticity, you may also read this message at the following URL:


This post is in response to the thread started by Gal entitled "In the hospital today!"

Alright folks, I have lurked long enough but now I must surface to expose some serious bullshit. As Popeye says, "I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more." This is going to be a rather long post so please bear with me. I have better things to do with my time than to play "he said she said" on a message board but I must defend myself and expose the liar Gal has apparently made herself out to be.

And please know that I am being 100% honest about everything I am saying here. I would have no reason to take the time to compose this long post otherwise. I have no outstanding vendetta against Gal nor anyone else on this board.

I have never done this and I understand the danger I'm putting my reputation in by sinking to the level of taking this public and appearing on a message board about this. I know there is no turning back and once posting this it will be archived forever.

That said, I would hope that by posting this people are exposed to the truth, so that they can better make a decision about who they are about to work with and perhaps invest money in.

Speaking of money, Gal appears to have assured her supporters that she already paid for certain things, including my deposit and flight. I can assure you, the reader, that no such deposit was paid, nor was any flight ticket fare was paid upfront by the deadline.

Let me start with a brief chronology of events, starting with the last contact I had with Gal, which was on July 11th, 2003.

She told me everything was all set and she was trying to get the rooftop of Bauhaus. I responded, asking if the venue had changed, to which there was no reply, ever.

Three weeks passed, and not one word from Gal. I started to worry a bit, as the date drew closer, and I was still holding it for her, rejecting other paying gigs since I had already made a commitment to Gal. I even emailed Gal telling her I had other offers for the weekend of August 9th, asking her if the gig is still happening, which she assured me it was. You can be sure that an experience like this will cause me to be more strict with deposits to hold a date.

The bottom line is I have held two dates for her, one of
which was "legitimately" cancelled and one which has now turned into a joke. Those weekends I could have taken other paying gigs. This has basically caused me to lose money.

On July 31st, I decide to call Gal directly on her cell phone to find out what the situation is.
After a couple of rings, I hear her (or who I thought was her) pick up, some shuffling around, then hang up. I think nothing of
it, other than my first thought, which was, she might have been thinking "Oh shit, it's Dylan."

About 30 minutes later (which felt like a calculated amount of time anyway, but chalked the feeling up to paranoia), the phone
rings, and it sounds like Gal.

"hi, did someone just call my sister at this number?"
"uhh, yeah, this is dylan in new york. is she around?"
"i'm sorry, she's indisposed at the moment."
"what do you mean?"
"she shattered her knee and is laid up in the hospital."
"oh no! i hope she's alright."
"yes, she's going to need a lot of physical therapy."
..brief pause..
"jeez, you sound an awful lot like your sister."
"oh, uh, she's my twin sister."
"you are identical twins? you must be, you sound exactly like her."
"um, we're sort of identical."
"you are identical or fraternal. there is no in between."
"yes, identical."
"alright, alright.. well, gal was supposed to book me for a party there in
toronto for next weekend and i haven't heard from her. this must be why.
please send her my best wishes."
"i will, thanks!"
"ok, bye."

I wasn't sure if I was to believe this, but I almost did because I can't imagine someone coming up with such a stupid dog and pony show to cover their own ass.

Just to be sure, I emailed Gal wishing her a speedy recovery and apologizing that this gig will probably have to be postponed now. I never did get a response.

It slowly became clear to me that this August 8th gig was never going to happen, especially after I read Gal's post "In the hospital today!" I erased the date from my calendar.

And I wondered, why couldn't Gal have simply told the truth, to say that she was sorry but circumstances beyond her control have caused this gig to not happen again?

Shit happens and gigs fall through. It's very understandable. But to be afraid of the consequences (not that there would have been any) by avoiding people? And the first communication I see from Gal stating the gig isn't happening on a local message board with no personal communication from her to me regarding this?

The first gig with Gal was cancelled due to her grandmother dying and her having to leave the country to be with her family.
I would never dare consider not believing a story like this, if for no other reason because it would make me look like a horrible person, but at this point I have to wonder.

You can find the post of Gal's grandmother dying here

And now this post from Gal, that she actually was in the hospital, but another part of her leg, not the knee, but the ankle, was injured.

Coincidence, yes. Silly? Absolutely. Because she came up with almost the same story (or, I mean, her friend who she left her cell phone with, yeah) days earlier. If you're going to lie to cover up another lie, don't use the same lie! I have to say, I've never seen such a string of poorly made up lies in my life. Part of the reason why I'm taking this chunk of time to write this is for the sheer comedy of it. Her ICQ profile is pretty funny
too (131731267). "Only hotties need apply!"

So read a few posts back in the Hospital thread, and you'll see that Gal said that she has no twin sister. That she left her cell phone with her friend and this person was simply messing around with me.

Gal, it was obviously you on the phone. I've spoken with you a number of times. I knew something was up the minute you hung up on me when you realized it was me calling you, then called back half an hour later after coming up with your devious little plan to get you out of this "mess." And then you have the gall to say that I should have called your home number in order to find out if the August 8th gig was happening or not?

It is your responsibility to contact me if the gig is cancelled. You said yourself that your one-day hospital stay had nothing to do with the gig being cancelled. You made no effort to contact me, and in fact, you never responded to this "strange" email from me wishing you well after you busted your knee, *before* your post to the board stating you had injured your ankle. If anyone received an email like that, they'd respond saying "what are you talking about?" But you didn't respond. An obvious admission of guilt. And another thing, when someone emails you and cc:s someone else in on it, there is a reason for it. Emailing that person who was cc:ed asking why they were copied in on the email and stating brashly that you don't know them and telling them to "fuck off" is unacceptable.

Sweetie, you have so much to learn. There is no need for you to respond or defend yourself. Your sixth grade lies are as transparent as I've ever seen and any further lies on your part to cover up what you've already done would simply be laughable. As flattered as I am by your public praise of my music and initial offering of an apparently honest booking, your games have cost
me time and money, and this is my living. Please don't contact me again.

dylan drazen
brooklyn, ny
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I am so upset, because I was so looking forward to hearing Dylan.

Dylan, you are an awesome dj and maybe one day, somewhere I will have the opportunity to hear you spin. I am sorry for all this bullshit that I just read.



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sorry to hear about that, dylan. hopefully we'll get to hear you sometime in the future (if kumi has anything to do with it i'm sure we will!).


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I have the feeling that her intentions of throwing this party started out good, but that she got in over her head.

I don't know any of you who are involved, but I'm sorry this happend. It makes us look bad. I hope you will consider coming to Toronto, to play for someone else one day.


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Shitty you got shafted Dylan...but what is griping about it on a message board really to do?

(Guess you can't answer that, since you aren't registered.)

Vote Quimby

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Originally posted by Skipper
Shitty you got shafted Dylan...but what is griping about it on a message board really to do?

(Guess you can't answer that, since you aren't registered.)
It simply alerts many dj's who frequent the board to be wary of working with Gal. That they may get screwed around.

It's no different then me going to a contractor, getting screwed around, then telling other people not to go there.


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Originally posted by Skipper
Shitty you got shafted Dylan...but what is griping about it on a message board really to do?

(Guess you can't answer that, since you aren't registered.)
did you read his message where he said he has never heard from her even still??


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Originally posted by Skipper
Shitty you got shafted Dylan...but what is griping about it on a message board really to do?

(Guess you can't answer that, since you aren't registered.)
I must surface to expose some serious bullshit.

That's why I guess...



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you did the right thing dylan. liars like gal that affect our scene need to be exposed.


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oh yea... while everybody is busy jumping on the dylan drazen bandwagon here... maybe you should hold judgement until she's had a chance to respond.*


* disclaimer - I don't know Gal at all so I'm not saying she is going to defend herself.. just saying.
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Originally posted by Skipper
Shitty you got shafted Dylan...but what is griping about it on a message board really to do?
it's going to do what it does for everyone else who writes here; act as an outlet for him to express an opnion/experience/comment/warning to others.

plus it's an entertaining story, and people on Tribe love their entertainment.


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normally i'd be like "take this drama elsewhere" blah blah blah.

for some reason that's not my reaction right now. too many promoters overpromise, and underdeliver. too many promoters talk out of their asses.

i too have heard quite a few big "things" planned for the dylan drazen party that made me raise my eyebrow, although i never suspected it would get down to this level.

it disgusts me to hear stuff like this, especially since it reflects so poorly on toronto's reputation.


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Originally posted by basic
Interesting indeed. Her post in the other forum did seemquite shady at the time it was posted.

Who is Dylan Drazen though?
thanks for pretending yourself to be an ignorant so that someone could do this: dylan drazen

he is one of the most respected dj/producer from brooklyn, nyc.

for your info for those who need some facts:
Dylan's first full EP with Francois K's Clicktracks label, "Exit 37 EP", which was released early this year, has been great success, receiving support from Oliver Ho and Laurent Garnier. This EP was signed due to the success of the remix that Dylan has previously did (and first production for Clicktracks) for Clicktracks' second release called "Tora Chan" which was originally produced by John Creamer and Stephan K. It came out last year and did very well for the label. Clicktracks is the tech house sub-label of Wave Music.

poker face

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Don't worry Dylan I know some promoters with credit behind them, and hopefully they will get you up her sometime soon.

Just hold tight.



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Okay... so does anybody need another reason of why we don't have amasing parties in Toronto anymore?

I am actually really hurt by his last comments "As flattered as I am by your public praise of my music and initial offering of an apparently honest booking, your games have cost me time and money, and this is my living."... I am hurt because I guess just the thought of doing business with anybody in Toronto will not be his immediate choice right away.

Oh... and about the bandwagon... I have been on his bandwagon since I first heard of him, last year.

What a shame... it's a shame because he is one dj that not too many people know about and if they did, they would have definitely loved him.


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Originally posted by mystique0217
did you read his message where he said he has never heard from her even still??
I fully understand his frustration. That sucks, and he has a right to be frustrated and angry.

But the point of the post didn't come across as "hey fellow DJs, beware of working with Gal, here's what happened" - it came across as "I got screwed, I'm pissed and I want the world to know and to support me." Airing your dirty laundry on a public message board (especially when you have to get someone else to post for you) just doesn't seem cool...although, tribe does enjoy drama.

He even addressed Gal directly....did that need to be posted for the rest of us to read as well?