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Merry Xmas Tribe!


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1. Juan Atkins - Urban Tropics
2. Lil' Louis & the World - saved my life (Vintage Mix)
3. Ultra Naté - Free (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix)
4. Danny Tenaglia feat Celeda - Music is the answer
6. Binary Finary - 1998
7. Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Space Manoeuvre's Separation Mix) |Hooj Choons| 1999
8. Boris - Plot II (Techno 1992)
9. "Get The Funk (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)" - DJ Tonio - Definitive Recordings
10. Good Music (Original Mix) - John Acquaviva, Alex D'Elia, Nihil Young feat Dan Diamond
11. Nitin - Sunday Grey (The Mole MMD Remix)
12. Angel Alanis - Believe In Me
13. Nicole Moudaber - Can I Get Some (Original Mix)
14. Marcel Dettmann - Lattice
15. Carthago - Loco Dice
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Thanks for the YouTube playlist. Post the MIX in the appropriate thread and we’ll let you know if it’s “decent”. ;)
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Slow down captain. Whatever you might be doing, take a sober thought and stop and get some fresh air.

At this time of year I would hope that you can find some piece of mind and see the joy in what is a festive season. Whatever baggage you might be carrying, let it go and stop with your posts that just invite people to respond.

And I sincerely hope you can have a Merry Christmas.


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Yeah dude has me on this mission to make that set, and I’m pretty rusty can’t make it through 3 tracks. Fuuuuuk!


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stupid tr-1. God I suck right now.

Ok let's go to basics.

baby steps. Fuck this bullshit I used to be a technical expert.
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Guys! It's Christmas! Chill out and consume extra rummed eggnog!

By the Way, happy Christmas all you TRIBER's! Thank you for being a part of TRIBE.