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~*...merry christmas = joyeux noel...*~

that 420 guy

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mitsuko souma said:
OMG, I can't even type "Merry Christmas" in my native tongue (the Greek alphabet is all fucked up, go to any frat house if you don't believe me)
But I WOULD like to send out a big Merry Christmas Nooorrmmm! <3

greek: kala christouyenna

sendin you love from the west jess *mwah*

~*...merry clitoris...*~

mitsuko souma

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Then how come on that translation site, it's just a bunch of gobbledy-gook?
ps. you're the bestest Norm. I'm sendin love from the West too! I'm in Williams Lake, silly!


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in Estonian (minus extra dots & accents):

haid joulupuhi ja head uut aastat!