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Merlyn Martin Subdivisions 025 (19aug10) feat. Murray Richardson

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Subdivisions, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Subdivisions

    Subdivisions TRIBE Member

    Howdy Techno Citizens! Merlyn Martin here with this weeks Subdivisions DI Sessions 025 (19August10). This two hour show Includes tracks from Amine Edge, Cristian Vargas, V.Sexion, Hector, R-Play, Ladies On Mars, Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti, CrazyTeck & MGMX, Mauro Picotto, Jan Water, Damian Lazarus, Daniel Sanchez & Mulder, Hauswerks and many more. Guest mix from the Murray Richardson from Baker Street Records

    Be sure to check out Subdivisions Di Sesssions now on Tech House Radio - Digitally Imported channel the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month 2-4PM US Pacific / 5-7 PM US Eastern / 10PM-12AM UK / 11PM-1:00 AM Central Europe. The show of course features the ever changing, ever Progressive sounds of Techno & Techouse.

    * Itunes users and non users can view enhanced Subdivision versions by right clicking the link below

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    Full Two Hour Radio Show feat. Murray Richardson:

    Merlyn Martin Hour One (No Radio Vocals):


    Hour One:

    Track Listing

    Artist Tile, Label

    1. Amine Edge - Gringo (Art Patrice Remix) - Nueva Digital
    2. Cristian Vargas - Rogue State - Baker Street Rec
    3. V.Sexion - SM_Glitch - Flumo
    4. Hector - Keep On - mobilee records
    5. R-Play - Beaty Bitch - Klientel
    6. Ladies On Mars - Alquitran (Matias Rivero Remix) _ BIT
    7. Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti - Locongas (Jay Lumen ReCreation) - Kling Klong
    8. CrazyTeck & MGMX - Degeneration (Alen Milivojevic Remix) - Intertech Rec
    9. Mauro Picotto - Go (Lauhaus_remix)
    10. Jan Water - Yuka Yuko (Alexey Kotlyar remix) - Adult
    11. Damian Lazarus - Neverending -
    12. Daniel Sanchez & Mulder - Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) - Suara
    13. Hauswerks - Clockwerk (Original Mix) - Suara

    Merlyn Martin : Subdivisions - los angeles techno dj + producer
    FBARTIST | officialmerlynmartin | Get NOW your Facebook? Profile URL
    Merlyn Martin | MySpace
    Merlyn Martin (MerlynMartin) on Twitter

    Booking Contact:
    Marisa Perez at Merlyn Martin Ent.
    Email: bookings (at) merlynmartin.com


    Murray Richardson - Risky "Old School" Business mix
    Hour Two:

    Track Listing

    Artist Tile, Label

    1. rob base & dj e-z rock - get on the dancefloor (supreme)
    2. rio rhythm band - carnival da casa (hooj choons)
    3. shades of rhythm - sweet sensation (ztt)
    4. renegade soundwave - the phantom [it's in there] (mute)
    5. d-shake - techno trance (cooltempo)
    6. eon - inner mind (vinyl solution)
    7. kamera - back in the time (flying)
    8. the shamen - progen (one little indian)
    9. digital boys feat..cool de suck - kokko (demo studio)
    10. silver bullet - 20 seconds to comply (tam tam)
    11. various - stand by acid (back to house)
    12. secchi feat..orlando johnson - flute on (epic)
    13. rhythm device - acid rock remix (music man)
    14. mark summers - melt your body (smr house)

    Murray's new single 'Risky Business EP' is out now on Baker Street Recordings
    https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/266102/Risky Business EP

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