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Merlyn Martin Subdivisions 017 (15april10) feat. Andrew Phelan

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Subdivisions, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Subdivisions

    Subdivisions TRIBE Member

    Howdy Techno Citizens! Merlyn Martin here with this weeks Subdivisions DI Sessions 017 (15April10). This two hour show Includes tracks from Sean Danke, Matias Muten, Nico Purman, Numa, Dominic Martin, Johannes Lehner, Lovebirds, Oscar, Luetzenkirchen, Ahmet Sisman and many more. Guest mix from Andrew Phelan from Prismatic Recordings San Francisco..

    Be sure to check out Subdivisions Di Sesssions now on Tech House Radio - Digitally Imported channel the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month 2-4PM US Pacific / 5-7 PM US Eastern / 10PM-12AM UK / 11PM-1:00 AM Central Europe. The show of course features the ever changing, ever Progressive sounds of Techno & Techouse.

    * Itunes users and non users can view enhanced Subdivision versions by right clicking the link below

    Be sure to check out Merlyn Martin : Subdivisions - los angeles techno dj + producer and join the RSS feed to stay current with all the latest news on Merlyn Martin and the Subdivisions Global Podcast, as well as Merlyn Martin original releases and remixes, upcoming events and DJ appearances.


    Full Two Hour Radio show feat. Andrew Phelan

    Merlyn Martin Subdivisions 017 DJ Mix (1 hour) (no radio vocal)

    Merlyn Martin Mix (Hour One)

    Track Listing

    Artist, Title, Label

    1. Sean Danke - Insert -
    2. Matias Muten - Eignaoda (Mathias Kaden Remix)
    3. 124_2 - Traum
    4. Nico Purman - All That Glitters Ain't Gold
    5. Numa - +
    6. Dominic Martin - Here & Now - Lost My Dog
    7. trapez_ltd_089 - hugoremix
    8. Johannes Lehner - Upside Down
    9. Lovebirds - Alright - Freerange Records
    10. Oscar L- Un Sueño (Original Mix) - Beat Freaks
    11. Luetzenkirchen - Stealth Run - Blue fin
    12. Ahmet Sisman - Shake That Beat - STOCK5

    Merlyn Martin online:
    Merlyn Martin : Subdivisions - los angeles techno dj + producer
    Merlyn Martin | Facebook
    Merlyn Martin | MySpace
    Merlyn Martin (MerlynMartin) on Twitter

    Andrew Phelan Mix (Hour Two)

    Track Listing

    Artist, Title, Label

    1. Fabio Tosti feat. Marshall Jefferson – Mind & Soul (DJ Dealer Chi-Town Retouch) – Look At You
    2. Rasmus Faber feat. Clara Mendes – Cidade Oposta (Tiger Stripes Remix) – Farplane
    3. Simon 2 & Andreas Henneberg – Bolingo Gringo – Kittball
    4. Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords (DJ Version) – Dirtybird
    5. Oxia – Whole Life – 8bit
    6. Johnny Fiasco – Reflex (Vernon & DaCosta Mix) – Klassik Fiasco
    7. Ramon Tapia – Colorz – Great Stuff
    8. Catz N Dogz feat. Pol On – Me – Get Physical
    9. Bob Sinclair feat. Sugar Hill Gang – La La Song (Soul Migrantz Dub) – NEWS
    10. Tom de Neef – Move Your Feet feat. MC Jerique (Soul Migrantz Mix) – Chega
    11. Colette – Think You Want It (Sexual Chocolate Mix) – Om
    12. Johnny Fiasco – Groove On (Kink’s Vocal Mix) – Klassik Fiasco
    13. Tiger Stripes – Alma – Get Digital
    14. Tim Green – Lone Time – Cocoon
    15. Dario Nunez & Montxo – Zul – Soleado
    16. Pitto – Feelin (Joris Voorn Can’t Cick This Feelin When It Hits Mix) – Rejected
    17. Tensnake – In The End (I Want You To Cry) – Running Back

    Andre Phelan online:
    Andrew Phelan ? San Francisco House Music DJ + Producer
    Andrew Phelan & Origami on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
    Prismatic Label Group

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