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MERLYN CD release tour


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"Soul Reflections" CD Release Tour

streetbeat records, insomniac recordings, miami fl
www.streetbeatrecords.com www.insomniacrecords.com

As one of America's premier Breakbeat DJ's, Merlyn is known for destroying dancefloors with his patented style of Hard Progressive Breakbeat, that incorporates everything from UK flavored Breakbeat to Electro & Miami Bass. His hits, which include "Bring Your Love", "Taken", "Path to Redemption" and "Incantations" have made him not only a crowd favorite, but a DJ favorite as well. His critically acclaimed mixed CDs "Spellbound" and "Nu Horizons Vol. 1" have sold over 10,000 units each and received glowing reviews from Mixer, URB, and DMA. Be on the lookout for his upcoming CD "Soul Reflection". With "Soul Reflections", his third Streetbeat Records release, Merlyn picks up where he left off with his top selling compilation, "Spellbound", and takes the breakbeat sound to the next level by weaving together a massive mix of pounding breakbeats, wicked synths and humming basslines.

Please contact
Josh @ Release Artist Management
ph: 910.796.1827 fax: 910.792.1898

***artist request forms are available on the web at www.releasedjs.com
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