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Men's hockey and bullshit.....

Mrs. Pink

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Can you separate competitive hockey and bullshit? I play Sr B division as a goalie. Last night.....I had a guy crash the net...then proceed to jump on my back as I was down......rip of my helmet.....and punch the back of my head numerous times. Completely unprovoked. He claimed I tripped him. Which...even if I did would have been accidental. Now.....I am no stranger to rough play. I played as high as Jr....and like a fast game. My question is......is it impossible for me to play a competive level of sports without retards trying to hurt someone? I now have a family....a career where I would rather not show up with black eyes to work. Am I dreaming here, or does this exist? *end rant*
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my office had a ball hockey tournament this fall, and there were several injuries. It was supposed to be a 'no contact' league but of course contact is impossible to avoid... there were several injuries and at least two or three players who were actually checking aggressively. One of them had to be cautioned there could be consequences but he didn't stop being aggressive likely because he is a VP.. until another VP cautioned him and reminded him the consequences could be with the police, not HR.

Were there consequences for what happened to you last night?

If not you may want to consider speaking to your league's management, express your concern and leave if no one does anything.

Mrs. Pink

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I play in London. Just super dirty hockey....but i find its like that in most leagues. Im not quite ready to give up faster hockey just yet....but may have to.


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It's any sport unfortunately there is no way to avoid this crap, I play recreational CO-ED indoor soccer and some guys play like its their life to the point of even being rough with the ladies....unreal

If you find this happy fantasy land of mens sports let me know I'd love to play a competitive sports again.
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you never know when a moron will lose his shit.

the best you can hope for is that people will be respectful and if they get violent then the league kicks them out. if the league is consistently strict then people will be more likely to behave.

i play in the ASHL in etobicoke. it's decent. not a lot of dirty play, and fighting gets you kicked out.

our first game of this season, some guy was doing all sorts of spinnerama dipsydoodle moves throught the game. then he ends up spinning around and our d man couldn't tell which way he was going and ends up accidentally bumping the guy into the boards. it looked like a hit from behind but only cause the guy was doing a 360 and changed direction as he got bumped.

so buddy gets up and starts POUNDING on our guy, knocks him to the ground and keeps pounding away at the back of his head. it was madness, the refs just stood back. i tried to jump in to pull the psycho off but a guy from the other team held me back "don't do it, you're the third man, you'll get kicked out of the league."

anyway the guy got kicked out of the league. even his own teamates told us the guy was nuts.

it just occured to me that for a minimal cost the leagues could put in a couple of cameras on each rink and record games just in case they have to review it if things get out of hand.

i play co-ed soccer and can't stand it when guys get unnecesarrily rough. on my last team there was one guy who would bitch and whine if the other team so much as layed a finger on him. he would also whine if we were getting blown out and the other team kept scoring. yet, he'd get rough even with the girls on the other team, and he'd be the first to try and get a hat trick if we were blowing another team out.

on my current soccer team there's one guy who's sucks, gets rough with people and bitches at the ref. we got a pretty serious warning about him. i hope the team decides to kick him off.


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For this reason I stick to solo sports like tennis and riding :D

All kidding aside, really I'm not. This year I played ball hockey with sneakypete and others and the shit that some got into for NOTHING was a joke.

(Sorry if you read this, it's true, calm the fuck down its just BULLSHIT BALL HOCKEY)

Check the ego at the door, go out and have fun, be competitive have good drive and all that but remember it's just a fucking 'fun' league not the pros.