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Men Faking Orgasms?


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I did it once.

The chick wanted me to use a condom. I found the condom boring so I faked it to get it over with. Followed up with a nice shoulder rub while she was on her stomach so she didn't turn around to see an empty cartridge :p


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^Yeah, I think I know what xtcfreak means.

Cumming is something that varies in intensity from 'fine I guess' to 'good' as for a guy, this sort of orgasm is somewhat routine and barely above taking a dump, scratching an itch et al.

Orgasm is the 'HOLYFUCKINGFUCKBALLSSHITFUUUUUUCkSDASDSADFASDFJKDSDF' pinnacle, a proper knee-trembling-eyes-rolled-into-skull-mind-exploding type of thing.
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I've done it when drunk or oversexed, and it was only with one chick. Just like the comedian said, doggystyle followed by a quick disposal of evidence, lol.


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Useful when the sesh runs on and on through multiples and hours. It's good when the wee-man needs some downtime, but the lil lady is insatiable. And easy let-down for sure.
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