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Men Faking Orgasms?


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I read some article in TheGrid recently about some guy who has become so messed up with porn, that it has affected his real life...long story short...he fakes his orgasms.

then....I was reading some article about healthy sex lives and one of the points was about not faking them. I knew this was something that women did but the article states that 25% of men do this.


Are they just making this up? Does any guy actually do this? Wouldn't one get caught out fairly easily?

Fallen asleep yes, lied about having a stomach ache...yes, but faking...I've never done that.

Tribe....I think there should be a poll

stew :)


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it could be pulled off in the shower I suppose, doesn't seem too easy otherwise unless your girl's an absolute idiot


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i'm tempted to call bullshit on both articles. You'd have to be an idiot or a hotdog in a hallway not to know.



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I've done it twice. Both times was to get this shit over with cuz I was drunk and wanted to go to bed and it was going on for like 2 hours. Now if I don't want to get to that point or can't, I have no issues just getting them off and then kicking them out.

It's not as hard as you think. With two guys, you can do it cuz in the dark, it's all kinda the same anyway. With a chick, if you're using a condom, they won't notice. And I'm sure they're probably relieved too that they don't have to deal with your nasty loads.

I can cum without spraying too. It's not easy but it's possible. So maybe guys also tell their girls that?

sheik rock

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Usually it comes from being drunk and using a condom.

Most of the time I just tell them it isn't going to happen for me. Usually it's a combination of being drunk, using a condom and having wanked recently.

I also find if I'm super turned on and have the steel rod erection that I can be almost numb and have a tough time finishing.


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a blowjob with a condom? what's the point? lol
I agree with that but man, you can get UTI's from people's mouths. People's mouths are fucking so nasty. I guess if your immune system ain't great and you're prone to it, you might get something. And don't forget herpes and all those lovely diseases from people's mouths.

Sex is a scary thing to do these days.


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I've done it once within the past few years. I hooked up with this chick and we had already done it once that night. She wanted another go 20 minutes later so after managing to get it up (and putting on a condom) I starting doing her from behind and she ended up cumming first. I kept on going but knew I wasn't going to be able to blow my load so I just slammed her ass real hard for about 30 seconds and pretended that I had cum. She was none the wiser. I even went to the bathroom to "clean up".


P.S. The third time that night I did end up cumming again. ;)


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When i found out my ex had faked on me I made it my mission to fake on her. So I did and she was none the wiser until I told her. hehe! That was back when i was getting laid lots so wasting one wasn't such a big deal. Now I'd probly blow my load putting the condom on.


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i had an argument with my woman the other day and in the heat of the battle i proclaimed that i faked every orgasm.

then we both had a good laugh and then she slapped me