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Memory systems


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On my journey to the library today, (part of my new years resolution) I managed to leave with a book on the subject of Memory.

I have just gotten through 3 chapters and fuck is this ever some interesting stuff! So i thought i'd share it..

Okay, so the first 'system' that they teach in remembering things is Association. If you want to remember something, you have associate it with something that you already know. The funny thing, the more ridiculous and abstract the association you make, the more reliably you'll be able to recall the memory. Let's take Russia and Ukraine for example, can you describe their shapes?? Probably not.. but ask someone about Italy and they'll tell you that it's shaped like a boot.. an association.

The next step in recalling memories is to 'Link' them together.
Let's say you are asked to remember 10 words. Airplane, Tree, Envelope, Earring, Bucket, Sing, Basketball, Salami, Star, Nose (I actually remembered the 10 words in the example from 45 minutes ago, but I digress.) Starting with Airplane, you need to picture it and then associate it with Tree. Make the picture in your mind, as absurb, illogical, ridiculous, or crazy as possible. You don't want a logical picture, the ridiculousness helps it stand out.

To remember the list, I pictured a airplane sitting on top of a huge tree's branches, and then tree with millions of envelopes for leaves, and then a envelope with a piercing in the corner, and then I replaced the handle of a HUGE bucket with an earring, and then i pictured a big fat lady with a bucket on her head singing a concert out of note, and then I pictured the same lady dribbling a basketball like larry bird; still singing in the horrible voice, and then i pictured a piece of salami with a basketball pattern on it, and then a huge piece of salami being pressed through a star shape and looking really funny, and then i was looking up the fat singers nose except she had star-shaped nostrils.

Give it a try, using that list above, or maybe get a family member to write up a list of 10 - 15 random words and see if you can make pictures to associate them all, and recall them in the right order. It also works backwards just as easily.

i'll continue expanding as i get further into the book.. i hope someone finds this interesting.. (it's been over an hour since i read his instructions on memorizing that list, and it's still just as fresh in my mind.. )
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