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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by poker face:
holy shit wunder bar you were thinking the same thing as me!

check the post times!

Is that King Kong Bundy avalanching and splashing SD [special delivery] Jones?
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Klubmasta Will

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all-time funniest wwf moments:

1. when andre the giant beat hulk hogan for the champtionship even though the hulkster clearly lifted his shoulder-blade up after 2 counts. it was revealed that the million dollar man had kidnapped the real referee and replaced him with a plastic-surgeried imposter! then the real ref broke free and stormed the ring and both refs started going at it!

2. at wrestlemania 4 - the big round robin tournament for the heavyweight championship - macho man won the whole thing but not without hogan's help. a few weeks later, macho man showed video footage of hogan grabbing elizabeth's ass behind his back and used it as an excuse to turn evil.

big-up the can-am connection, hacksaw jim duggan, zeus, the ultimate warrior, demolition, the powers of pain, mr. wonderful, the honkey tonk man, mr. perfect, rowdy roddy piper, and all the other trailer-park heroes.
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