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that 420 guy

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i was thinking about exclusive memberships this past weekend at blue mountain. there are a couple private ski resorts on that escarpment that require you to be a member to ride there. a friend of mine has been a member of apline ski club since she was little....i was blown away when i found out how much it costs to be a member.

i am not an exclusive member of any club or organization that requires me to pay a membership fee or dues. i've had the opportunity before (more specifically a fraternity at western) but chose not to join.

what organization or club do you or your family belong to that requires you to pay dues or a membership fee?

how long have you been a member and what priviledges do you get with your membership?

- that member of tribe guy :cool:
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I'm a member of........


I'm always looking for new members who want to join.
size does matter..... ;)
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I have a Costco card. But it expired and I didn't want to pay for a renewal so they wouldn't let me buy anything.

That is all.
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that 420 guy

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Originally posted by pr0nstar
Elitest Snobs!

i guess that set the tone for this thread...being a member of something does not necessarily mean that one is an elitist snob.

if i had the means to be a member of a private ski resort and was able to ride the best hill in ontario without lineups or crowds, i would. i just don't have $40k burnin a hole in my pocket.


the entrance to happy valley (read happy highway). total gridlock :eek:

many of my friends belonged to fraternities and sororities in london. the comraderie and the networking they experienced from being part of those clubs are still a part of them today. they were not snobs about it, but they did exclude me because i was not part of their group. the benefits of being part of that group were not appealling enough for me to join, but for many of my friends it was.

one time, i was in my friend's car when he got pulled over. he only had 1 point left on his license and was caught doing 35 over. the police officer asked him to step out of the car so i didn't see what was happenning. my friend returned to the car with no ticket and walked away scott free. why? because he had a free mason symbol on his car....the police officer gave him the secret handshake, scolded him for driving so fast, then let him go. i guess membership does have its priviledges.

- that member of the blue seasons pass club guy :cool:

Booty Bits

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i'm a card carrying member of the NDP, but a yearly membership only costs $25.
my parents are members of a synagogue, and they pay yearly dues which entitle them to seats during the high holiday services (its a madhouse during those days so you need reserved seating).

i usually don't join things that require me to pay money cuz 1. i'm a cheap ass and 2. cuz it sullies the thing. i.e. i have serious reservations about greek society because i think its the equivalent of buying friends.


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that's pretty sweet.

damn there are a TON of perks if you get hooked up with them.

although I don't think I could stand going to a meeting a week all dressed up in a suit. I hate wearing suits. Actually, I'm just too lazy to get one tailored to fit.
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