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Melody and hard bass lines?


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Is one of my fav. combinations...

Motion - remedy
Bad company - ladies of spain
rascal & klone - convicted
Suicide - decoder & substance mix
stakka & skynet - Mutationz
stakka & skynet - altitude (kinda)

Counter examples:
any atmospheric dnb - not hard nuff base lines
High Contrast - Return To Forever : nice melody but barely any bass...
dillinja - Thugged Out Bitch : bass no melody

Does anyone know any tunes like that?

HEAVY BASS and Melody....

Nebu kad

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I dunno....alot of atmospheric has some of the hardest basslines in the business. They just aren't distorted, which is why i like them so much. Beautifull pure tones that drop like a ton of bricks.
I love bass.
Wait till vox see's this, she'll be right in on the atmo.

Heavy bass and melody??

just off the top of my head... Polar "5am" or the flip, i forget which side.

Juan Love

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Might I suggest:

*Teebee - Liquid Light

*Doc Scott - NHS (Total Science RMX) - if it ever comes out!!

*Danny Breaks - Mr. Breaks' production is really impressive, especially as of late. His "Lone Catalysts" remix is hype (in addition to being painfully rare) and "Astral Vibes" is sure to be an instant classic. Also look for the Danny Breaks and Dillinja remixes of Amon Tobin's "Like Regular Chickens" and while your at it, Amon Tobin's "Reanimator" is pretty sick too...

*London Elecricity - Around The Corner (Origin Uknown RMX)

*Dylan - Feel The Funk

*)EIB( - Dogs On The Moon (not quite melodic but one hella catchy hook that 'must be followed')

*)EIB( - Trick of The Light

*King Kooba has some cool stuff too, although not necessarily dancefloor material. Check out "catscratch" or "fooling myself".

*Calibre - What U Need & Fire And Water

*Next Wave Of Jazz - We Decide
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