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Melodic House


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Been a while since I posted a set here. This one moves between melodic and upbeat house. Enjoy!

Listen: http://shanekingsley.com/mp3/UnicornWonder.mp3

Download: right click over the file while it's playing to download it.

1 Directions - Busted Trees (C's Spacetramental)
2 Spiritchaser - Conch
3 Est8, Emily Cook - Liftin Me High (Spiritchaser Dub)
4 Spiritchaser - Paradise Row Ft. Emily Cook (Horizon Dub)
5 Osunlade, Maiya James - Same Thing (Spiritchaser Instrumental Remix)
6 Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston - You Got To Go (Dusky Remix)
7 Dusky - Lost Highway (Extended Mix)
8 Dusky, Janai - Lost In You feat. Janai (Dub Mix)
9 Andrea Introvigne, Kira, Chris Venola - I'll Be There (Dimitri Andreas Remix)
10 Ninetoes - Finder
11 Dusky - Flo Jam
12 Doomwork - Stardust (Pezzner Remix Version 1)
13 Dusky - Careless
14 Kosma - Heliocentric (Jesse Rose Re:puzzled Mix)
15 Paul Simon and Ame - Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
16 Dusky - Henry 85
17 Dusky, Janai - It's Not Enough feat. Janai (Pezzner Mix)
18 Freestyle Orchestra - Odyssey
19 Guti - Emotional Sunshine
20 Nick Holder - Freedom (Main Mix)
21 Directions - Busted Trees (C's Spacetramental)
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