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Melodic Drum 'n Bass


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Recorded this set to go running to and it's nice.



1 Dj Patife & Marky Mark - Pra Voce Lembrar
2 Kabuki - Spend the Night (Rmx)
3 Blame - Inside Heart
4 4Hero - Better Place (Marcus Intalex & St Files Remix)
5 London Elektricity - Cum Dancing
6 Ramilson Maia - Pe de Pano
7 Calibre - Now, Always, Forever
8 Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass
9 Extended Spirit - Illicity Pt. 2
10 Nuyorican Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown - I Am The Black Gold of The Sun
11 Adam F - Circles
12 Omni Trio - London Step
13 M-Beat Featuring Jamiroquai - Do You Know Where You're Coming From
14 Uncut - Midnight (Marcus Intalex and ST Files Remix)
15 Dillinja - Friday
16 Origin Unknown - Equinox
17 Roni Size - New Forms (Wide Screen Version)
18 Mad Dog - Monged Out
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Is having the file available as a .rar a problem for Mac users? I thought that it's pretty much the same thing as having it as a zip in that you download it and then the mp3 file is encased in the rar (just like a zip) and you just open that and voila....

My computer knowledge is a wee bit basic and I've never used a MAC, so please excuse the ignorance...
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