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Mega techno-house mix


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Thank you to all the labels that send me promos every year, this 2011 year had some amazing releases and I’ve just finished compiling a huge 2011 techno house mix.


Dani Sbert – Headroom
Wrong (rico martines & pablo ros) – wrong (crisdeluxe real4play remix)
John Manning & Matt Silver – Pikadeli Shindig (Kentaro Kaji Remix)
Marcelo Carvalho – it’s time
Oz Romita – Levelized
Miniboy – number one
djnfinity – salzar strip
Jason Bralli – disco burn
Plastic Fantastic (Sander Bongertman Remix)
Marcelo carvalho – lose control (vino gomiero remix)
Reptile – ignacio (demaria & steve prior remix)
Rico Martinez & JJ Mulor – Automatico
Oz Romita – The_Ultimate (Del Horno Remix)
Lexvaz – am back
Kentaro kaji – arashi
El Sam & Dave – Droid
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Day (Azzido’s Brazilism Mix)
Rico Martinez – Countdown (original)
Jason Bralli – full intense
Alfa Rhythm Boys – Agogo
Ticon – Balcan Tourist
Felipe L & Ze Chezz – Look Up (papouban remix)
Simone Girau – Mind The Gap (Dahaus_Remix)
2Drunk – emc=2D
Dani Sbert – Haarp
Steve Mastro Paris FZ & Simo T – Torero
Chandler Shortlidge – Until the sun
Rodrigo Melo – Have Fun
Miniboy – Magic Moment
Kai Limberg – Pan Tau
Yespiring – the bored hedonism (paduraru minimal deep house mix)
Radioactive.Cake – Human Body Part Industry
John 00 Fleming – MMX1215 (21street Remix)

Download it : [Click]
booking email: djnfinity@hotmail.com

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