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Meeting People


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I moved to Calgary about a year and a half ago but in that time my husband and I travelled all over the world...

Now we are out of money and will be settled here for a while and I am wondering how to meet people...All my friends I've ever had in my life I have met through school, work, or through friends and I don't have any of those things to help me right now...

My husband is all work right now since he is just starting with a brand new investment with his company so he doesn't ever want to go out so I am left completely bored...

How do I go about meeting people when I don't go to school and work in a private office where I don't see anyone??

It's getting really boring doing everything by myself and i've only been doing it for 2 months...


Start drinking in bars during the day. Other than that I would suggest checking out the Calagary section of this message board.
join some clubs (brownies, sewing, eating, drinking, etc.) ... gym classes ... randomly select people and start talking to them.

Put a cowboy hat on and go to the food court in the mall. Buy a large diet pepsi from NY Fries and sip it slowly. By the time you get halfway through it someone will have made conversation with you. They will know everyone else in Calgary so you will be in there.
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find a board like Tribe, but for Calgary area?

go out to clubs solo, meet people there.

join some classes/clubs.....whatever you are into. sports, cooking, art etc....you'll meet people there.

good luck!

Join an outdoorsy club if you're into that sort of thing. With Banff nearby, I'm sure there are plenty of them.
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Taking a climbing course at the U of C, yoga class, etc. I know that there are some Calgary club based message boards and most of my friends who are there are very open friendly people.
i know what that feels like.

remember how easy it was to meet people when you were still in school? just like, AUTOMATIC social life. so nice....

so what you gotta do is keep yourself interesting until someone new comes along (and someone *always* comes along).

next time you're bored, reach for a science fiction novel from the '50s rather than the newest Marie Claire. used bookstores are GREAT for making conversation.

sign up for something you've never done before. nothing makes you approachable like making a fool out of yourself!! (i am gonna try belly dancing one of these days, i swear to god.)

i am outta suggestions, but just don't let yourself get too dependent on the internet. get out there and explore your new city!

(jesus christ, why am i so fucking motivational today? someone pass me a beer. i gotta chilllllllllllll.........)
thanks squirrely, good suggestions..

it's just a little bit harder for me since i am so shy...but i guess this will be a good way to get over that fear however i really can't see myself just going up to a stranger and starting a conversation.....i'm such a wuss, i turn bright red...

and no worries about getting hooked on the internet since i dont have the internet at home and only use it at work to make the time go a little faster...

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Originally posted by squirrely
sign up for something you've never done before. nothing makes you approachable like making a fool out of yourself!! (i am gonna try belly dancing one of these days, i swear to god.)

me too! my neighbour teaches it and competes! *lol*

free lessons this summer!

*wiggles tummy*
Originally posted by basic

That's what i was going to say too - though it really can be applied to whatever you're into ...

When I moved to Toronto, I knew one person - the guy I was dating. When that was over (grimace), though I knew people, they were mostly his friends. I needed to get out there and meet people on my own and get out there and do things on my own.

I joined the Toronto Sport and Social Club and played soccer, vollyball, ultimate frisbee and met tons of people. I stayed with the club for a couple of years and ended up meeting roommates, dates and one of my two best friends. Yeah! Made work contacts and networked as well.

So maybe you don't like soccer, but you have interests - and there are pretty much clubs and groups for almost anything right? Go for it!
volunteer work!!
- Not only will you meet people but you will also help the community while your at.

Recreational Clubs
- You get out you do some snowboarding and in an organized fashion you meet everyone

Dance Lessons
- Quick way to meet people and also learn a few new steps
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I have a friend in Calgary who seems to have made lots of friends, some through the university, some thorugh the gay rodeo. Yes, there is a GAY RODEO in Calgary!

So that doesn't help you much, but I like mentioning the GAY RODEO!

I have another friend who's working at the Theatre Centre and with One Yellow Rabbit, so that doesn't help you either, theatre's an immediately accessible social community.

U of C has open gymnastics three times a week too, you might not meet that many people but trampoleaning(sp) into giant pits of foam is so much fun.
i've found that the best way to feel comfortable about yourself around new people is to find comfort in things that you have in common. nothin like sharing a passion :)

i know its been said before, but nothin brings people closer together than sweat and sports are an excellent way to get your heart rate up and meet new people. you live very close to some of the best snow conditions in the world...do you ski/snowboard?

also czech out the calgary sports and social club. ultimate frisbee, imho, is the best co-ed team sport to play, but then again i'm biased. and you can also play indoors. ain't nothin like a well earned beer with the team after workin up a sweat together.

what is your passion? chances are, you'll probably find others who share your passion in calgary too (yay google).

if you're lookin for beatz in tha c-spot, tuesday nights dub at the pub at the drum and monkey was pretty daam fun when i was there in august. drum&bass and jungle stylee in a chill environment.

taken from yahoo! travel
Drum & Monkey Public House (The)

This comfy bar serves up what any self-respecting pub-goer requires: big tables, football on the telly, and Guinness, Guinness, Guinness. It is hard to imagine that the businessman who birthed many of Calgary's posh and trendy cocktail bars—including the attached Bamboo Tiki Room—could also be behind such a laid back haven for beer-worshipping. But why ask why? Just sit back, gnaw on some chicken wings and swallow a pint. There are 11 beers on tap. You don't even have to know how to pronounce martini.

Address: 1201 1 St SW
Calgary T2T 5S8

Neighborhood: Downtown/ Eau Claire

Phone: +1 403 261 6674

Hours: 11am-2am daily

after visiting calgary, i realized that not everyone there is a redneck homophobe that loves the stampede...kinda like how not everyone in toronto is the image moses znaimer paints on the tele. there is even a thriving gay community in calgary too (go figure).

all the best in calgary ~noco~.

- that drumheller guy :cool:
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