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Meet the Press


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it's one of my favorite political programs. tim russert is usually pretty good at grilling the people he has on the show... asking them the tough questions.
that's not to say that the guests answer them all the time. being as they're polititians, they're usually pretty adept at politcalspeak and dodging questions in general.

for example this week rudy guliani was on, and spent his whole interview sucking g w's dick..... pretty sad really, every response of his ended in "george bush is an awesome president". it's very clear that he's lining himself up for a future presidential campaign. he came off as a total slimeball. claims that 9/11 brought him very close to W and he feels that he owes him for the support the prez gave him during the tragedy.

it was basically a half hour political ad for bush.

anyone else ever watch the show?
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Give the man some credit.

He was mayor of NYC on 9/11.

It doesn't take much imagination to see the emotional bond that likely formed between Giuliani and the Bush, who must have had to coordinate things with hm...

- Deep_Groove


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yes he did a good job in a time of tragedy, there's no doubt about that, however to turn around and use 9/11 for political gains (dubya and rudy) just makes me sick.