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Media Streaming Options?


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I am buying a flatscreen for my dad and one of the requirements for the setup is that he needs to be able to play his downloaded shows (of different formats) to the TV.

What I have found so far:

1) USB Port on TV - Samsung seems to be the only one that recognizes formats. At least the ones I plugged into at Best Buy.

2) Ethernet Port and DLNA - Benefit is that he doesn't have to copy to USB drive. Again only Samsung can play the formats.

3) Media Streaming Box with Ethernet/DLNA

Option 3 will let me choose TVs from manufacturers other than Samsung but it will add on overhead, such as using another remote =). This is why I am leaning towards Option 2, but I wanted to find some of these media box options to check out the prices.

A coworker told me that there is a box at Best Buy for $99 but I can't find anything like that.

Do any of you use a Media Streaming box (NON GAMING CONSOLE KIND)? Which one is it and how much was it?
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Ok i get your point, that link didn't work for me, but I see another thread and think the WD TV Live box is a good choice.



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D'oh, forgot that search links don't work here but yeah, the link should have taken you to Aerius' thread and a few others related to the topic.


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Yeah toss your questions into this thread. At this point I wouldn't expect any TV to support anything beyond a limited set of file formats... I could be wrong but I'd be very surprised if there is a TV that supports MKVs with full subtitle support etc.
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