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media cell minutes, June 27

Discussion in 'Roll Calls' started by careygirl, Jun 28, 2000.

  1. careygirl

    careygirl TRIBE Member

    Media cell meeting June 27th minutes

    Emil: the community forum has been pushed back to July 12 at 7pm at the
    Queen St. community health Centre. the meeting will be a rallying point for
    the PPP collective to hype the rally and list accomplishments so far. P3
    will also collect volunteers for the rally for marshalling, flyering, etc.

    P3 is broke, have no funds. Need $10,000 for rally at least, $20,000 would
    be best. Fundraising ideas include polaroids at parties (katherine will
    organize), selling tapes (don), selling t-shirts (alex) and candy (all).
    Send all ideas to events cell.
    Addressed complaints that P3 is seen as clique, undemocratic. Steering is
    developing protocol for dealing with such complaints, and will ask Alex to
    open up Steering committee forum on TRIBE board for all teh P3 to see.

    Amanda: the DJ letter is done except for edit, whill postw/in 24 hours and
    then send off 48 hours later, need list of DJs--Katherine will ask Alex.
    Amanda will email around. Don will give copies to Ryan Kruger
    (OS/2-Destiny: destiny@passport.ca) and everyone attending will also hand
    out at WEMF.

    Summer. Flyers too late for Pride, but we managed to photocopy enough b/w
    us to hand out and spread the word about PPP. Will talk to Hulla-board guy
    re: printing. Katherine also knows someone who can do printing for
    free/cheap? Will look into it. Emil will find out how many posters we need
    from Events cell.

    Booth at liquid adrenaline made $85 in donations/suckers. We should hit all
    the parties b/w now and then.

    Carey: sent out clubowners letter to Alex, don't know if he sent it out
    yet. Katherine will ask.

    angryasiangirl (jen) has yet to get back re: drug stats
    -will write press release re: iDance rally and post on TRIBE board this
    week, will send to Don and Alex for edit, PSA and fax.

    Katherine: sent out email to photo campaign subjects re: photoshoot with
    Alex, got 5 responses but don't know if the photo shoot happened on Sat as
    planned, probably not

    need artists and designers for posters, Tanya absent from meeting so no
    specs yet
    suggested specs: content: "I am a raver", first name, age, occupation, some
    sort of quote and BIG www.partypeopleproject.com plus iDance logo
    size: 11" x 17"
    4 color and b/w
    need estimate on cost
    Kath will send out specs to all P3, deadline for rough drafts July 4, media
    cell will choose winner and alert on July 5th, final draft needed by July
    12, and printing by july 19th NO LATER, get them up that weekend, will be 1
    1/2 weeks b4 rally

    Don: radio commercial is written, will record sometime this week. Waiting
    for press release. Will send it to campus and news stations, CFRB, and post
    on iceberg.com

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