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Media cell Meeting Minutes

Mark McC

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what follows is a transcript of the Media cell's second official meeting. further editions of the Minutes should be posted under this topic. thanks. -mmcc
Media PR cell meeting: Minutes

1. discussion of expected time for Ho inquest jury's recommendations: 9.30 thurs am. delegation of tasks.

2. no PPP logo as yet. discussion of need to source alternate service for this task.

3. All finished products (and meeting minutes) must be posted on Tribe's PPP Media forum. Deadline-driven materials must include final-reply deadlines for comments and criticism.
COPY OF PPP INTRO PAMPHLET (as distributed this weekend at UP party) TO BE POSTED TO TRIBE (Jacques & Max currently have hard copies)

4. discussion of need to find non-local media and voices that support Toronto's international reputation as North American rave capital.

5. Press Kit requirements:
-company bio's (from Victoria)
-'What is a Rave' definition (to be posted to Tribe forum by Mark McC)
-useful articles
-recommended reading list (forthcoming)
-links to significant web sites
-testimonials from DJs and scenesters (to be collected by Amanda)

6. discussion of need for media contacts for Thursday press release. Jacques volunteers Olivia Chow's office for sending out press release.

7. discussion of need to contact Creative Disruption cell re: Too Much forum on raves. all PPP members must be encouraged to contribute to this forum in person, by phone or via email.

8. risk-benefit discussion of tactic to "flood" mainstream media with letters to the editor, and gov't with petitions, etc. letter templates to be posted on Tribe board.

9. The PPP web site is scheduled to be live 2 thursdays from now. this web site needs:
-useful articles (as for press kit)
-soft copy of distributed pamphlet (Jacques?)
-recommended reading list (forthcoming)

10. summary of task delegation and ownership:

Max - brochure (distributed as photocopy and to be posted electronically) needs cell feedback ASAP
- to approach printers?

Amanda - to write DJ interview & testimonial content

Tanya - to contact large event cell (read: promoters) re: flyering

Mark - to obtain pamphlet and post on Tribe board
- to contact Creative Disruption and Steering re: TooMuch forum strategy (ie who's invited, who's going)
- 'what is a rave' and recommended reading list both forthcoming to Tribe board
- to supply clippings "shortlist" to Tanya & Steve

Video crew - clips to be delivered by Sean

Carey - to post press release contentto Tribe board by Wed. evening
- to post "Truth About Ravers" item to Tribe board

Mark McC

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Media cell Minutes
6 June 2000

1. Screenings and discussion of _Dancing in the Dark_ (Pupatello's "educational" video) and the trailer for _Rave Seen_

2. Discussion of press release re: Bill 73. Message to convey: the PPP wants rave community participation in the democratic process regarding the Raves Act 2000. Details further to this also discussed.

3. Document finalization process to be posted on TRIBE board as header of New Subject for final documents. Tanya has posted this process under the header Procedures.

4. Discussion of relationship with ARF re: co-operation, research, and guidelines for press release

5. Discussion of logo. Max presents proposals. Confirmation of Jean Marc's role in logo development.

6. Discussion of Toronto Sun article on SPACE club stabbing incident. Don outlines circulating theory about Fantino putting word out to TO cops to seize on any clubland killing as an opportunity to get back on the warpath.

7. Discussion of drafting introductory letters for Amanda's DJ Endorsements work and the PPP's solicitation of support (flyer staff, flyer space, web space) from club owners & managers.

8. New Music program focusing on raves to air June 17. Discussion of press release to be distributed simultaneously. Tanya will ask contacts at ChumCity offices for copy of TooMuchForMuch forum video. Don indicates that private copy is available. Question of copyright for using footage from this in proposed PPP video.

9. Note on general press release strategy: Until the PPP is recognized, any press release sent out should actually be two press releases: one for message, and one for PPP description.

10. Discussion of internal PPP communication difficulties: Emil (Steering rep). Other cells would like to be able to use the non-raver-oriented materials we've produced -- "THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT RAVES" -- as well as useful letters from Mother Hawtin, Jimi Fritz, etc. Discussion of outline for generic, non-raver-oriented pamphlet. Interchangeable components for documents of this kind can be found on the TRIBE board. Use only Final Copy versions.

11. Discussion of using strategic contacts at Toronto Star (Max), Klublife (Don), radio (script to be prepared by Don), Now, Eye, Xtra etc. to disseminate PPP messages and press releases.

12. Action Items in need of assignment -- see Things To Do subject on TRIBE board.

Mark McC

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Media/PR cell minutes
13 June 2000

1. Emil designated meeting chair. Motion approved. Meeting structure proposed: round table of individual reports, with feedback and questions.

2. Summer:
- The web site needs content
- flyer need for Om festival (June 16-18) and Gay Pride Day (June 25).
-announcement of tentative meeting date for entire PPP regroup: Wednesday, July 5.

Opposition to "progressive" PPP logo was voiced. Many feel that the chosen logo doesn't represent the PPP or signify what it's about, and that the decision to work with a "progressive" (read: changing) logo will confuse the public and impair message clarity.

3. Meredith [sp?]:
- to contact US media with surveys and press releases to raise stateside awareness of and gather support for iDance rally
- to launch similar campaign for local media
- will post relevant documents on Tribe board

4. Amanda:
- to draft a letter to send to DJs -- especially DJs who have signed on for the iDance rally (most of whom are contacted via Lifeforce) -- to gather endorsements and statements of support for PPP and Toronto rave community in general
- should make optimal use of industry connections for solicitation of statements
- task/progress report deadline: Tuesday, June 20

5. Katherine:
- Bill 73 Press Release plus revisions posted on Tribe board
- further revisions proposed by Don
- 2nd draft deadline: Thurs., June 15

6. Carey:
- discussion of Om volunteer organization
- round-table critique of letter to solicit support from club owners, ending with ratification of final version

7. Sean:
- has collected video footage for screening to prepare for Electronic Press Kit and iDance rally video
- is developing a script based on Press releases
- deadline for final video production: Tues., Aug. 1

During screening, discussion of acquiring rave breakdance footage in order to demonstrate that it is, after all, about the music.

8. Don:
- reminder about New Music episode to air on June 17 -- will feature _Rave Seen_ footage
- to write radio-ad script
- radio script deadline: Tues., June 20

9. Bobby:
- support role and creative direction for video production sub-cell

10. Mark:
- solicitation for items to be included in clippings dossier
- dossier compiled in triplicate: one copy currently with Tanya, one copy requested (but yet to be obtained) by Garth.
- to flag articles on Fantino for Carey
- deadline for Fantino article collection: Friday, June 16.

Discussion of electronic articles: URLs for relevant, positive or otherwise important articles should be sent to Steve for inclusion on web site.

11. Max:
- finalized PPP flyer-for-ravers ready for distribution at Om
- to send printable .pdf version of flyer to Steve, who will post it on FTP server and notify Jacques to send PPP-wide message offering document for mass download and distribution
- supplied by Victoria with letters of support for Electronic Press Kit. Copies requested.

12. Steve:
- SEEKING CONTENT FOR WEB SITE. Any web content should be emailed to Steve (email: tanguays@home.com) with ATTN: PPP WEB CONTENT as subject line of message.
- to revise Max's flyer for general-public Pride Day distribution as 1/4 page, non-raver-oriented flyer
- flyer revision deadline: Friday, June 16.

13. Emil:
- report from steering: "we have no funds"
- notes that Creative Disruption cell is actively seeking ideas -- please post on their Tribe forum

New Business:
Carey asked about survey data on actual drug use. Emil referred her to Weber's ARF report on substance abuse among ravers, and suggested that she get in touch with the research cell's contact (email: angryasiangirl@hotmail.com)

Emil asked Katherine about progress on "I am a raver" ad campaign. Katherine said that Alex D has yet to confirm a photo shoot appointment for the approximately 20 participants.

Mark asked what happened to the proposed multi-group press conference scheduled for Monday June 11. Emil said that it was cancelled.

New business was followed by screening of potential footage for EPK / iDance video.


TRIBE Member
*** reposted ***
Media cell meeting June 27th minutes

Emil: the community forum has been pushed back to July 12 at 7pm at the
Queen St. community health Centre. the meeting will be a rallying point for
the PPP collective to hype the rally and list accomplishments so far. P3
will also collect volunteers for the rally for marshalling, flyering, etc.

P3 is broke, have no funds. Need $10,000 for rally at least, $20,000 would
be best. Fundraising ideas include polaroids at parties (katherine will
organize), selling tapes (don), selling t-shirts (alex) and candy (all).
Send all ideas to events cell.
Addressed complaints that P3 is seen as clique, undemocratic. Steering is
developing protocol for dealing with such complaints, and will ask Alex to
open up Steering committee forum on TRIBE board for all teh P3 to see.

Amanda: the DJ letter is done except for edit, whill postw/in 24 hours and
then send off 48 hours later, need list of DJs--Katherine will ask Alex.
Amanda will email around. Don will give copies to Ryan Kruger
(OS/2-Destiny: destiny@passport.ca) and everyone attending will also hand
out at WEMF.

Summer. Flyers too late for Pride, but we managed to photocopy enough b/w
us to hand out and spread the word about PPP. Will talk to Hulla-board guy
re: printing. Katherine also knows someone who can do printing for
free/cheap? Will look into it. Emil will find out how many posters we need
from Events cell.

Booth at liquid adrenaline made $85 in donations/suckers. We should hit all
the parties b/w now and then.

Carey: sent out clubowners letter to Alex, don't know if he sent it out
yet. Katherine will ask.

angryasiangirl (jen) has yet to get back re: drug stats
-will write press release re: iDance rally and post on TRIBE board this
week, will send to Don and Alex for edit, PSA and fax.

Katherine: sent out email to photo campaign subjects re: photoshoot with
Alex, got 5 responses but don't know if the photo shoot happened on Sat as
planned, probably not

need artists and designers for posters, Tanya absent from meeting so no
specs yet
suggested specs: content: "I am a raver", first name, age, occupation, some
sort of quote and BIG www.partypeopleproject.com plus iDance logo
size: 11" x 17"
4 color and b/w
need estimate on cost
Kath will send out specs to all P3, deadline for rough drafts July 4, media
cell will choose winner and alert on July 5th, final draft needed by July
12, and printing by july 19th NO LATER, get them up that weekend, will be 1
1/2 weeks b4 rally

Don: radio commercial is written, will record sometime this week. Waiting
for press release. Will send it to campus and news stations, CFRB, and post
on iceberg.com


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*** sorry for the delay; it's been hard getting some free time at work! ***

MINUTES, Tuesday July 4, 2000
Party People Project - Media Cell
VOX Restaurant, Ontario Street

Patio People: Katherine Balpataky, Summer Hodder, Emil Jimenez, Mark McCutheon, Tanya Stoker
That-writing-things-down-guy: Emil Jimenez

-- drinks and discussion started flowing at 1930h ---

--<I AM A RAVER>--
* Photoshoot for "I AM A RAVER" Friday at 8 @ Tribe secret HQ's, poster specs as follows:
- 11 x 17, 4 color & b/w
- submissions due by 4 pm Monday, July 10; winner announced Wednesday, July 12; final due Monday, July 17
- content to include first name, age, occupation, quote
- Emil to type up open call and get it on PPP General Announcements
- Tanya to get printing estimates
- Other leads: Cugg-E, Lane, Don

* Discussion of what kind of raver stats we need
- Katherine to compile list of suggestions and forward to smoking.bowl@home.com

* Due to the lack of a PPP Finance committee, fundraising will be coordinate internally with each cell
* Need funds to finance poster campaign
* Short discussion of fundraising at WEMF
- Tapes - we need table space, and to follow-up with Don
- Polaroid pictures - need some way to identify as PPP, charge $5
- Katherine to organize photocrew
- Tanya to talk to ____ who may be able to share table space

* (Tanya) Get Party people out on a Sunday to join with High Park drum circle; have fun in the sun and distribute lit
* Discussion of bringing out a sound system
* Tentatively for weekend following WEMF
- Emil/Summer to ask Jacques/Kim about High Park drum circle contacts
- Tanya to find a sound system (tables, speakers, generator)

* Movies to identify with...
- Mark to look into showing this flick at NASA

* Pre-party at Turbo, June 29th
* Cost estimate of $10-20k would go towards DJ's hotels, sound and light labour, etc.

* Excellent pro-rave articles in Xtra and Mixer (props to Meridith?)

-- meeting adjourned --
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Mark McC

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Media/PR cell meeting minutes
11 July 2000

Summer - compiled list of all media/pr cell accomplishments for submission to steering committee, prior to Wednesday's community forum.

Emil - confirmed with the group that members are in fact receiving PPP general mailings.

1. Main business: Fundraising
- timetable and volunteer resources discussed for on-site PPPolaroid "Canada's Wonderland"-style photo op fundraising
- $5 the agreed-upon charge per photo
- media cell members to contribute film packages
- camera crew to wear PPP ID for accountability and messaging -- Steve to submit ID tag mock-ups to Summer

WEMF strategy
- Mark to email .pdf flyer to Emil for mass printing
- Summer to ask Corinne and Amy about flyer distribution
- Emil to ask Sandy for TRIP booth space for literature and donation-gathering (as opposed to vending) for suckers (to be purchased by Steve)
- Carey to ask Alex D for Tribe booth space as alternative

B. _Footloose_ screening
- group decided that request for donations more open and approachable format than strict $5 cover charge policy
- Carey to ask connections about using NASA club space and to contact Jacques re: video projector
- Mark to follow up with Kevin B -- Kevin has since reported as follows:
" I'm going to check into getting Innis Town Hall at U of T. We got it for another event recently, and it cost us next to nothing. The interesting part, of course, will be getting the print of the film, although they have video capabilities, as well."
- Kevin has been advised to opt for video version and to determine venue cost. An alternate, possibly cheaper or free venue (ie the TRIP community centre) may be optimal in light of event nature (ie raising funds, not spending them)
- tentative screening date: Monday, July 24

2. iDance rally press release
- we need a status report update on this document. Can we approve it and send it out?

3. poster critique
- critical suggestions for selected poster format were fielded: logo, web site mention
- web-site mock-up to be handled by Steve
- Emil and/or Summer to contact poster creator for desired changes
- Emil to contact Tanya re: printing services for poster

4. Video
- Bob has revised script as per cell members' suggestions
- footage has been reviewed; new interviews with Sandy and Kim to be recorded and included (tasked to Sean [not present])
- reiteration of PPP message as video script core: Prohibitive legislation will drive raves underground
- video deadline: July 22
- factors to consider: camera availability and editing suite time

5. final business:
- reminder about High park drum circle on July 23

Mark McC

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Media/PR cell meeting minutes
18 July 2000


- Will Chang made guest appearance to critique iDance rally press release
- Don reported that 1st press release, prepared by Iceberg media's outsource, was issued today
- Carey to revise PR as per Will's suggestions & post on TRIBE board for standard revision process
- Emil to create letterhead & send out to Don, cell
- consensus reached on dates to send three strategic press releases: #1 on the Friday prior to the week of the iDance rally; #2 two days before the rally; #3 the Monday morning on the day before the rally
- agreed that same press release should accompany mass media distribution of promotional CD

- interviews with Sandy & Kim still to be booked
- Don volunteered use of Iceberg studios, cameras
- final video product scheduled to be ready at the end of this week or Monday
- Bob to revise script as per group suggestions and forward to Carey to post to TRIBE board tonight

- font must be (more) readable
- need for non-stereotypical poster subjects to be followed up in post-rally campaign
- we need to generate print run quantities in order to get price estimate from Don's cash-only connection
- poster-party to follow next week's meeting

as an adjunct to this topic, any cell mebers in possession of iDance-rally friendly print media (previous flyers, etc) are advised to print as many as possible -- these must be flyers that target non-party types and the general public and describe the PPP's agenda and aims. Quarter-page format is preferable.

- Carey and Mark to attend marshal training this Sunday

5. FOOTLOOSE screening
- consensus reached that pre-rally screening should occur next Thurs., July 27 for PPP only, with funds to be raised on a donation and "bake sale" basis
- Emil to email Sandy on use of community centre space for this event
- public screening (possibly to be held at Innis Hall) to be announced at rally -- the plan for this later event is to charge a standard admission fee

- Bobby to volunteer a deputation statement on Monday, July 24 to the Board of Health

No new business discussed.
Recruit aggressively for next meeting to bring in poster-party people power.

Mark McC

TRIBE Member
Media cell minutes
Meeting 25 July 2000

1. Footloose screening, Thurs., July 27
- open invitation to friends
- the Community Centre at Bathurst & Queen is our space from 6pm onwards -- organizers should stay after screening ends to help Sandy clean up
- Mark is to bring car for screen pickup (but Mark has since meeting come to doubt vehicle as viable strategy -- he will contact Emil to discuss)

- further to the next planned screening -- planned for after the rally to be held at Innis Hall -- it was suggested that we lean on Don B's and Alex D's contacts at CityTV to co-sponsor a summer wall-screening of a different film ("one that people will want to see") -- perhaps _Modulations_, _Hang the DJ_, _Human Traffic_ or _Groove_.

2. Poster printing
- in general, we need to assess our available funds after all screenings to determine what we can afford in a printer
- Max and Tanya agreed to research the problem and find out if anyone they know can do it at cost or for free
- Max also agreed to develop new concept for post-rally campaign
- we will not likely expect to see any surplus money available after the rally, so fundraising for the poster campaign is more or less up to us

- as a related subject Tanya suggested a more immediate solution in anticipation of the rally, involving photocopy-friendly handouts/posters featuring "mug shot"-style "Wanted" or "Lost" concept -- again, Tanya and Max to sort out development and distribution to other members for guerrilla printing

3. iDance rally
- Max, Carey and Mark to crowd-marshall
- Emil, Summer, Tanya and Amanda volunteered for booth duty
- Emil is to contact Event committee for booth staff details and relay them to volunteers

4. an unconfirmed graffiti wall project is planned for this weekend (Emil defers to Sandy about this)

5. Development of partypeopleproject.com off-site banner-link .gif for use by potential sponsors
- Tanya is to contact Steve T on development and production of this banner .gif

6. next meeting to be determined by email.
Possibilities include audiowerks' new Sunday evening lounge, whether before or after the iDance rally (or both).

Mark McC

TRIBE Member
Media cell minutes
22 August 2000

1. big-ups, back-pats and high-fives were shared all around for everyone's excellent work at the iDance rally -- now an annual, city-sponsored event!

2. Following last week's Steering Cell meeting, Emil tabled an agenda of 13 focus points (numerically noted in the following breakdown in [square brackets]) proposed there for the future direction of the Party People Project. Each was discussed media cell members and ranked according to its relative priority -- both for the media cell and for the PPP as a whole -- as follows:

* POLICE ISSUES [2] were identified as our top priority for immediate action, including:
- the nomination of TDSC liaison for monitoring PDO requirements at raves -- and negotiation of police rationales as submitted to Liquor License Board;
- co-operation with other community organizations [5] -- e.g. Committee to Stop Targeted Policing (CSTP) and Copwatch -- to counteract rave-targeted policing

* POLITICAL ACTIVISM AND ADVOCACY were identified as another area for high-priority actions, including:
- public education [11] and volunteerism advocacy [10] agreed upon as strengths of this group to maintain and leverage
- activism and policy influence at (primarily) municipal [12] and (secondarily) provincial [13] levels
- raver voting advocacy [9]
- making a mandate of the need to represent the rave community as a political force

* COMMUNITY BUILDING INITIATIVES [4] were identified as a group of lower-priority action items, including:
- creation of a distinct PPP identity apart from the TDSC [3] in order to meet mandates and expand possible range of actions
- strategic alliances with other rave advocacy groups [7]
- strategic but non-"branded" (i.e. encouraging individual rather than PPP-name group action) networking and support for related social justice advocacy groups (i.e. youth advocacy [6] and drug advocacy [1] groups)
- event planning as a means to facilitating cultural development [8] -- bearing in mind Steve's timeless wisdom that planning such events for "ravers means IT'S GOTTA BE FUN."

At this time the floor was opened to other business.
Mark submitted a motion to eat burgers; all seconded.
Carey submitted a motion to go dancing (presumably under the auspices of Cultural Faciliation [8] above); the motion was passed, albeit not unanimously.

The formal meeting was adjourned following Mark's invitation to re-convene at the Same Bat Time, Same Bat Patio next Tuesday, Aug. 29.