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meat to avoid

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by alexd, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    "What to stay away from:

    You’re being told not to eat any products - including lamb, pickle-horse, veal or pork - processed at Aylmer Meat Packers.

    And some companies used Aylmer beef to make their products.

    The items impacted by the alert are all package sizes of the following Capo Food Ltd. products:

    Cannelloni Dry Pack
    Cannelloni with Tomato Sauce
    Meat Lasagna
    Penne al Forno
    Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
    Meat Sauce

    All packages of the following Halal Meat Basterma King frozen products purchased after March 21, 2003 are affected by this alert:

    Soujouk Hot
    Maane Hot
    Odorless (Basterma)

    The following Big Foot Burgers (Plain) are affected by this alert:

    Big Foot Burgers (Plain), 27 X 6 ounce / 168 gr patties sold in a 10.12 lb (4.59 kg) package bearing the UPC 0 00000 20509 2.
    Big Foot Burgers (Plain), 40 X 4 oz / 114 gr patties sold in a 10 lb (4.54 kg) package bearing the UPC 0 00000 20508 5

    All package sizes of Wagener products listed below are affected by this alert. Consumers who may have purchased these types of products, in bulk or pre-sliced, at various deli stores and speciality food stores, are encouraged to check at the point of purchase to determine if they have the affected product.

    Pork and Beef Rings Wine Salami
    Pepper Salami Beer Sausage
    Smoked Beef Cervelat Salami
    Mexican Salami Corned Beef
    Pastrami Smoked Beef Fleischwurst ~Bologna
    Cooked Roast Beef Medium German ~Salami
    Teewurst Hungarian Salami
    Mexican Salami (Hot) Jagdwurst with Pistachios
    Wieners Knacker
    All Beef Salami Pepperseed Salami
    Gypsy Salami

    People who bought beef products from the stores listed below were advised to check if the store received the affected products.


    Ade's Meat Market Ltd.; 1995 Tecumseh Street West

    Bailey's Meat Market; 125 - 2109 Ottawa St Tecumseh St W

    Brenner Meat Packers; 497 Cataraqui Street

    G&K Meat Processing; 11977 Tecumseh Rd E

    George's Fine Meats

    Green Island Meat Markets; 680 Wyandotte St E

    Halal Meat Market

    La Stella Meats

    Nor-Son Custom Packing Services; 1075 Crawford Avenue

    Rocco's Fine Foods; 1407 Ottawa St

    Triple J Sausages; 925 Tecumseh Rd West

    Westside KNECTELS; 3242 Sandwich

    Windsor Meat Market Halal; 1097 Erie St E


    Alex's Meat Market; 7665 Kennedy Rd

    P&F Meats

    Richmond Hill Wholesale Meats; 70 Dennison A Unit 8


    Ashland Foods Market; 346 Ashland Ave

    Capo Food Ltd.; 102 Meg Dr.

    Asian Food Market; 577 Hamilton Rd

    Central Market London; 405 Dundas St

    Fadels Meat & Deli/Variety

    Dundas Delicatessen & Gift Shop; 753 Dundas St

    Gietls Fine European Meats/Gietl's Bavarian Meats & Sausage; 299
    South St

    Kohn Meat Market Meats; 202 Egerton St

    Laziz Falafel/Laziz; 699 Wilkins St

    Meat & Deli Inc; 699 Southdale Rd E

    Lockwood Farm Market; 699 Wilkins St S

    London Husky

    London Solovaki

    Mike's Meat Market; 1866 Dundas St

    PITA Canada

    Ramada Meats

    Aladdin's Food/Ramadan Halal Meat Mart; 9-611 Wonderland Rd

    N.B. Western Meats & Deli; 241 Hamilton Rd


    Atlantic Foods

    Basterma King; 126 Sinnett Rd - No. B

    San Gabriele Ltd; 998 St. Clair Ave. W

    Casa Barcelona (La Carla Corp); 2980 Bloor St W

    Cash & Carry Meat Terminal; Scarborough

    CBC Trading Food Products and Meat Wholesale Co.; 110 Dynamic Dr
    Unit 43

    CYT Meat Trading; 23 Milliken Blvs No. B11

    Delson Meats/Delson Food Trading

    Deli & Specialty Foods

    Fu Yau Supermarket; Gerrard and Broadview

    Gino's Meats Market; 1203 St. Clair Ave. W

    Happy Meat Market; 340 Spadina Rd

    Jasmine Food & Meat Market Inc/Jasmine Halal; 1300 Finch Ave W
    Unit 43B

    Mister Cash Inc; 6160 Netherhart Rd

    Mr Greek Meat Market; 801 Danforth Avenue

    North Kee Trading; 328 Passmore, Unit 55

    Oriental Cuisine 1564663

    Ontario Limited; 1221 Markham Rd

    Royal Meats; 3635 Cawthra Road

    Sandford & Son Supermarket

    Schinkel's Meat

    Seaton Butchers; 236 Queen St East

    Soloways Hotdogs; Downsview

    Solway Hotdog Factory; 917 Alness Rd

    Tai Wah Trade Ltd; 2691 Markham Road

    Tony's Wholesale Meat Market; 1658 Jane St

    United Foods Co/Atlantic Deli Foods; 2677 Steeles Ave W

    Wagener's Meat Products; 40 Six Point Road

    World Wide Foods


    AMT; 811 Goreway Dr

    Scandinavian Select


    Derry Foods Limited; PO No. 37684

    Sky Meats; 450 Matheson Blvd.


    Balaton Wholesale Meat; 96 Corstate Ave


    Deanco Meat Products; RR2

    Dial A Grocery

    Supreme Sausage Meat & Deli; 300 Gage Avenue

    Thorold/St. Catharines

    Big Red Barn; 206 Richmond

    Old Castle

    Castle Beef; 5580 Walker Rd - RR 1

    New Hamburg

    Clover Leaf Farms Ltd.; 1527 Holland Mills Rd

    St. Thomas

    Collett Meats; 1030 Talbot St


    Cottam Cold Storage & Meat Market; 120 County Rd No. 34


    Better Sausage; 313 Lawrence Ave

    Lichty's Fur Farm Ltd


    Deb's Farm Fresh Foods; Box 113

    Thunder Bay

    European Meats & Deli; 1149 Carrick St


    Fernando Meat Products Limited

    J&J Daily Meat Wholesale 2399 Cawthra Rd

    N.B. Western Meats & Deli; 241 Hamilton St.


    Fordview Farms


    Gerber Meat; RR 1 - 2513 Greenwood

    Grand Bend

    Grand Bend IGA; PO Box 309


    Greenwood's Meat Market; 122 King St


    Hansens Your Independent Grocers; 62 Thames Rd E


    Holly Park Meat Packers Inc


    Joe's European Deli

    Smoke House; R.R. No. 2


    John Enns


    Kingsville Knechtels; 41 Main St E


    Komoka Foodland


    Lakeside Meats Packers; 12213 Riverside Dr E

    Torinos Catering


    Lambeth Foodland; PO Box 332


    Leadbetter Foods Inc; 4 Brammer Dr

    St. Catharines

    Meatland; 150 Bunting


    Milgrove Packers


    Roesch Meats; 10910 Northwood Rd

    St. Mary's

    St. Mary's KNECTELS; 84 Wellington St


    Stemmler Meats & Cheese Inc; 3015 Lobsinger Line


    Sadler's Knectels


    Super Sausage Factory; 17 Easton Road, Unit 5


    Verber Meat; No. 17 Nicoles Cr. "
  2. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    I have no idea what "Odorless (Basterma) " is, but it does't sound too yummy in any case...
  3. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe the Basterma with Odor is still good though...
  4. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

  5. Vote Quimby

    Vote Quimby TRIBE Member

    I checked that list this morning,. My butcher is not on that list. woo hoo.
  6. luvslife

    luvslife TRIBE Member

    What? I was going to have pickle-horse for dinner!

  7. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

  8. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    Capo Food Ltd. Hahaha.. sounds like a mob run packing plant and all the tainted meat are really just guys who got whacked.

  9. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

  10. KiX

    KiX TRIBE Member

    why what's the deal??
  11. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    fuck... I better go throw out those racoon burgers.

  12. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    sorry this one made my laugh pretty fucking hard. What do they tickle the animal as its killed!!!!

    (whats frightening is that this is a TINY plant!!! If one of the majors went down like a Maple Lodge you would litterally be shutting restaurants and grocery stores down across the country!)
  13. The Watcher

    The Watcher TRIBE Member

  14. luvslife

    luvslife TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: meat to avoid

    I knew my little pickle horse would appear!
  15. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    they are under investigation for processing dead meat (ie cattle that were dead before they got to the killing plant) which is a HUGE NO NO!!!!!!!!

    So they condemn everything that the plant touched close it down and begin the real investigation. I'm betting they will also find unlicensed meat (ie didn't come from a legal farm) because most of them are involved in the process.

    (I'd be willing to put money down that its really more about tax evasion than public health)
  16. luvslife

    luvslife TRIBE Member

    Jeff you think everything is about taxes.
  17. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog TRIBE Member

    In light of the mad cow, that was a really fucking bright idea.
  18. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

    March 21st?!?! Wow, I'm glad there's so much fresh meat circulating around.

  19. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    that meat is allowed in dog/cat food. Jut another reason why you should invest in the more expensive human grade dog food.

  20. kuba

    kuba TRIBE Member

    so does this mean that meat prices will rise in line with gas prices?
  21. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    death and taxes!!

    nah the meat industry only process illegal meat to avoid taxes, its done to a large scale in this industry. Kind of like how every single deck is built on the side of a house being paid under the table. the government has being doing a crack down for years on this but they're just finally getting to the processing plants and packers.

    Its about money, public health is most likely not at any real risk.
  22. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

    Like deep's hand, right Charlie?
  23. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member


    Price of meat (aside from pork) is pretty heavily controled. You can't just charge what you want there is a massive system you have to go through to change your distribution price.

    Same as a loaf of bread is regulated to a certain degree and the price of milk is largely regulated.
  24. Ditto Much

    Ditto Much TRIBE Member

    dogs can eat rotting festering meat without getting sick.
  25. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    Holy crap, that's a looooooong list.

    Somebody fucked up large.

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