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MEAT KATIE CD Release tour available


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MEAT KATIE (cd release tour)
whole nine yards, kingsize, 5'11", london england

available July 10th-31st

Meat Katie is back and this time flexes his skills as DJ rather than producer with what is set to be one of the best mix albums of the year. "Beyond the Darkness" is a unique blend of deep tribal house and rough breaks, showcasing tracks and remixes from acts including Freq Nasty, Rennie Pilgrem, Soul of Man, BLIM, Koma & Bones, Uberzone, Dark Globe & Boy George, Sons of Slough, Dylan Rhymes and a whole load more. The mix is a rolling journey of thundering bass, tribal drums and hypnotic vocals and is a perfect reflection of Meat Katie’s DJ set, a set which he has in the last 12 months been taken around the world. 2001 saw Meat Katie on 2 tours of the US, headlining for Gatecrasher on their tour of Australia, holding residencies in London at venues including Home and the Clinic, guesting in Spain, Italy, Canada, Germany (Love Parade), Poland, France…. and the list goes on. On the production front he has been beginning work on his third artist album and has been collaborating with artists including Arthur Baker, Cass and Slide, Rennie Pilgrem and Dylan Rhymes, recording both in London and LA.

Mark ‘Meat Katie’ Pember has previously recorded for Wall of Sound and R&S Records and also runs his own label Whole 9 Yards. He has been a central figure in the Kingsize label from the beginning and his 10 singles and 2 artist albums with the label so far have brought critical acclaim and notice from every corner of the world. His music has been supported by every DJ imaginable names like Sasha, Digweed, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold & Boy George join the breaks DJ’s who have long been fans of his unique sound. Meat Katie has remixed for labels like Sony, Bedrock & Creation and has seen his music licensed to Ministry of Sound, React, Distinctive, Universal to name but a few.

The ‘Beyond the Darkness’ album will be supported with extensive DJ touring in the UK and USA as well as a possible Australian/Far East tour. Meat Katie is also putting together a live show for the very first time and has already had interest from the likes of Fabric in London. With more artist singles in the pipeline, a new artist album for 2003, remix offers piling up and DJ commitments spiralling it looks set to be a busy time for the man like Meat Katie.

Please contact
Josh @ Release Artist Management

***artist request forms are available on the web at www.releasedjs.com
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