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McIntosh Stereo Equipment


TRIBE Member
McIntosh C26 Preamplifier
McIntosh MC2505 Power Amplifier
(both overhauled @ Bay/Bloor)


Sony CDP-C505 5-disc carousel-type CD player

JBL C56 Dorian 2-way speakers 12" woofers

assorted other stuff (eg, tuner, turnatable)

asking $500 for package ...

Please PM me with offer, or if you are interested in individual pieces. Any questions can be posted here.
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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The McIntosh units were bought as a *matched pair* and i would prefer to sell them as a matched pair. :)

Jungle Junk-e

TRIBE Promoter
Thanks once again!!!! :D

We figured out why the Right channel wasn't workin'.....
the right knob was broken and came right out of the amp :eek:
No worries though, my buddy said that it could be fixed and
that he could probably do it for cheap.

I guess just let me know when/if you eva find the manuels
and I'll come by and grab them off ya :)

Jungle Junk-e

Oh Man, once I have every thing set up
my studio is gonna be SIIIIIICK!!!!!
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