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Mayhem at Blacklight Activists

Subsonic Chronic

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Either no one else wanted to post a review or hardly anyone else from this board was there... but Blacklight once again threw down an awesome jam. Complete with killer tunes, crazy goa-fiends, and mind-boggling visuals, I'm reminded again why I love the tightly-knit psychedelic scene in Toronto.

I go to these parties, whether it be Blacklight Activists, Resistors, Deep Sea Fish, to feed a sort of primal hunger that resides inside my soul. A hunger that can't be fed at most other run of the mill parties and club nights. It's for that feeling that I get every once in a while, that feeling of everything coming in line and the moment when I find myself perfectly in tune with the music.

I got there around 11:00-11:30 to catch one of the local BLA dj's, not sure exactly who. The music was kinda chill, but as it got later and closer to Droilock's set, it picked up nicely. I spent this time grabbing a few drinks in the lounge at the back, seeing who I could run into and checking out the AMAZING works of art that were up all over the venue. And this is another perfect example of why these parties stand out above most everything else in the Toronto scene. They bring in a headliner for decorations! This time they brought in Nagual from the UK, who's blacklight artwork was simply stunning. Each piece was an intricate work of beauty that together made for an awesome atmosphere. Everywhere I would look was eye candy.

Finally around 2:30 I think... Droidlock began his live P.A. and the crowd was f*ckin havin it! He got right down to the nitty gritty, unleashing an assault of fierce psychedelic tech-trance that litterally had the whole room jumping. The heat inside the Zen lounge had little effect on the madness that took place throughout this man's set. And when the live PA was done he stepped up to the decks dropping some of the most insane tracks I've heard in some time. Finally around 4:30 my body had taken enough of a beating in the sweaty heat and I headed home with my partner in crime, thoroughly exhausted and worn out. By then the dancefloor had thinned out a bit, but that just left more room for those still givin it their all, and there were plenty of them.

It was another one of those nights where I know that I'll be paying for it over the next couple of days, but is still so damn satisfying to leave a wicked party completely exhausted. :)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I always respected BLA for loving visual arts as well as audio.

I would love to paint with black lights again... do you have a light Pete? wanna comission something? ;)

Cheap Ego

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well said, Pete...

What a crazy way to kick off what looks to be an incredibly jam packed spring season for psy/goa fans.

The sound quality in the place was almost the best i've ever heard..ever, while the music itself was dynamic enough to feed both the minimalist and the full on listender. Add to that the always familiar faces that grace these events and what a party.

Droidlock was absolutely crazy. An unbelievable set, straight through 'till 4 that did not let up for a second.
It was nice to see some new artwork too. Great paintings, great ideas.. although I find that the more UV reactive artwork provides for a bit of a crazier atmosphere. Still, these works were quite the mind benders.

Unlike most events these days, this one kept going 'till 8am, too.

My favourite party so far this year.