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maybe ames should shut his yap


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pseudo canadian stephen ames got his ass handed to him in the match play championships today by tiger woods 9 & 8...that's about as bad as someone can beat you...in the past ames has criticized tiger and his standing in the pga...at the last canadian open in toronto he criticized the course calling it amateur'ish and too easy...then he went out and missed the cut:p

last week at the nissan open his caddy got sick after the first round but ames dropped out of the tournament saying that the club caddies were poor and not up to his standards so he couldn't use a replacement....going into this weeks match play he said tiger was beatable "especially the way he's hitting it right now" ...when asked if tiger heard the comments he said "yes"....asked if they motivated him to beat ames he said "yes":D

stephen, shut yer yap and play golf already ya dope :p
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