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May 3rd- Cause n Effect Fridays

DnB Productions

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Hey, hey, hey...

Thanks to everyone who came down to Turbo this past Friday for another wicked, wicked evening. The jungle vibe was back in full force on Friday!

Along with that, we'd like to take this opportunity to announce the winners for the CAUSE n EFFECT Giveaway.

1. Dinner with Trace- Dan Campbell
2. Clothing Package: Guys- Yves Lalande, Girls- Maria Santiago
3. Guestlist for a Month- Shelina Knight

Don't forget to come down to Turbo each and every Friday night to get your drink and your groove on.

This Friday- DJ TRACE... see you there!

DnB Productions


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Originally posted by DnB Productions
This Friday- DJ TRACE... see you there!
indeed :D


some pix:

illfingas and jd

jd reaching out




more crew

even more crew

sorry..only a few good pics.... i was too busy dancing :)